Catholic Hymns (1860)/Litany of the Passion of Jesus

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32. Litany of the Passion of Jesus.

By the blood that flow'd from Thee
In Thy bitter agony,
By the scourge so meekly borne,
By thy purple robe of scorn,—


Jesu, Saviour, hear our cry!
Thou wert suffering once as we;
Hear the loving Litany
We, Thy children, sing to Thee.

By the thorns that crown'd Thy head,
By Thy sceptre of a reed.
By Thy footstep faint and slow,
Weigh'd beneath Thy cross of woe,—
Jesu, Saviour, &c.

By the nails and pointed spear,
By Thy people's cruel jeer,
By Thy dying prayer which rose
Begging mercy for Thy foes,—
Jesu, Saviour, &c.


By the darkness thick as night,
Blotting out the sun from sight;
By the cry with which in death
Thou didst yield Thy parting breath,—
Jesu, Saviour, &c.

By Thy weeping mother's woe,
By the sword that pierc'd her through,
When in anguish standing by,
On the cross she saw Thee die,—
Jesu, Saviour, &c.