Catholic Hymns (1860)/Litany of the Resurrection of Jesus

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33. Litany of the Resurrection of Jesus.

By the first bright Easter-day,
When the stone was roll'd away;


By the glory round Thee shed
At Thy rising from the dead,—


King of glory, hear our cry!
Make us soon Thy joys to see;
Hear the loving Litany
We, Thy children, sing to Thee.

By Thy mother's fond embrace,
By her joy to see Thy face,
When, all bright in radiant bloom,
Thee she welcom'd from the tomb,—
King of glory, &c.

By the joy of Magdalen,
When she saw Thee once again,
And entranc'd in rapture sweet.
Knelt to kiss Thy sacred feet,—
King of glory, &c.

By their joy who greeted Thee
'Mid the hills of Galilee;
By Thy keys of might divine,
Vested in St. Peter's line,—
King of glory, &c.

By Thy parting blessing giv'n
As Thou didst ascend to heav'n;
By the cloud of living light
That receiv'd Thee out of sight,—
King of glory, &c.