Charles von Hügel/Distinctions

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May 28, 1849.


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M. 1815 Austria.: The Armee Kreux for native service with the Allied Armies, 1813–1814 (Conferred by the Emperor Francis I.)
Sc. 1836 (December.) England: Honorary Foreign Member of the Royal Geographical Society of London, for research during a six years' journey in Asia, Africa, and Australia.
H. 1837 Austria: President of the then established k. k. Gartenbaugesellschaft of Vienna.
D. 1840 (December 13.) Prussia: Knight of the Royal Order of the Red Order of the Red Eagle (conferred by King Frederick William).
1842 (August 15.) Denmark: Commander of the Dannebrog (conferred by King Christian VIII).
1847 (February 21.) Sweden: Commander of the Vasa (conferred by King Oscar I).
Sc. (May 14.) Austria: Actual Member of the then founded k. k. Akademie der Wissenschaften of Vienna.
H. (June 29.) Belgium: Officer of the Order of Leopold, Civil Class (conferred by King Leopold I).

G. 1848 (July 5.) England; the D.C.L. honoris causa, Oxford.
H. 1840 The Honorary Presidency of the k. k. Gartenbaugesellschaft of Vienna, conferred for life, on his departure from Austria.
(From all the other leading horticultural and botanical societies of Europe, and from many zoological and other scientific societies, Hügel held diplomas or other marks of distinction.)
Sc. (May 28.) England: The Patrons's Medal of the Royal Geographical Society of London for research in Cashmere and elsewhere.
D. (Nov. 17.) Papal States: Knight of the Pontifical Order of Christ;
(——). Papal States: The 1849 Medal (see engravings below), for services rendered before and during the Mission to Gaeta (conferred by Pope Pius IX).
Q. 1850 (July). Tuscany; Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of St Joseph of Tuscany (conferred by the Grand Duke Leopold II).
D. 1852 (June 24). Papal States: Grand Cross of the Pontifical Order of St Gregory the Great (conferred by Pope Pius IX).
M. " (June 28). Parma: Grand Cross of the Constantinian Order of St George (conferred by Duke Ferdinand Charles III).
G. 1855 (April 30). Austria: A Privy Councillorship; and
1851 (Jan. 17}. Austria: Knight of the Iron Crown, First Class, (conferred by the Emperor Francis Joseph).
D. 1863 (July 17). Belgium: Grand Cross of the Order of Leopold (conferred by King Leopold I.)
P. 1864 (April 10). Mexico: Grand Cross of the Order of Our Lady of Guadalupe (conferred by the Emperor Maximilian).
G. 1868 (Feb. 28). Austria: Grand Cross of the Order of Leopold on his retirement into private life fifty-seven years’ service to the State (conferred by the Emperor Francis Joseph.)

Note. The letters M., D., Sc., H., G. and P. prefixed to the entries indicate the nature of the service (Military, Diplomatic, Scientific, Horticultural, General or Personal) which they commemorated.

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