Chaucer's Works (ed. Skeat) Vol. VI/General Index


This Index is a general guide to the chief contents of the six volumes. For the authors whom Chaucer most consulted, see also the Index at p. 381.

A. B. C., text of, i. 261;
discussion of, i. 58;
French original of, i. 59, 261;
Notes to, i. 452.
Accentuation, vi. xcii;
effect of accent, vi. lxvii.
Acknowledgments of obligations, vi. xviii.
Adam Scrivener; see Wordes.
Addenda; (containing a note on Rom. Rose, 923; Book of the Duchesse, 1318; Sources of the Prioresses Tale; additional Notes on the Canterbury Tales), v. 490;
other Addenda, ii. 506, iii. lxxx, v. xxviii, vi. 400.
Against Women Unconstaunt, i. 409;
discussion of, i. 88, v. xv;
Notes to, i. 565;
French original of, printed, vi. lix.
Albertano of Brescia, iii. 426-7, 458-9, 501.
Alchemy, discussed, iii. 493.
Alliteration, vi. xcvii.
Alphonsus of Lincoln, story of, iii. 421.
An Amorous Complaint, i. 411;
discussion of, i. 89;
Notes to, i. 566.
Anelida and Arcite, i. 365;
discussion of, i. 76;
Notes to, i. 529.
Assonances, i. 5; vi. lvi.
Astrolabe, a Treatise on the, iii. 175;
Critical Notes to, iii. 233;
Notes to, iii. 352;
remarks on, vi. xvi;
manuscripts of, iii. lvii;
sources of, iii. lxix;
editions of, iii. lxxi;
description of the Astrolabe, iii. lxxiv;
uses of the same, iii. lxxv;
stars marked upon the same, iii. lxxvii;
astrological notes, iii. lxxvii;
description of the Plates, iii. lxxix;
Plates, iii. lxxxi;
some Errata and Addenda, iii. lxxx.

Balade of Compleint, i. 415;
discussion of, i. 90; v. xvi;
Notes to, i. 568.
Balades, vi. lxii;
and see Against Women Unconstaunt, Compleint to his Purse, Compleint of Venus, Fortune, Gentilesse, Lack of Steadfastness, Rosemounde, Truth, Womanly Noblesse; also Legend of Good Women, l. 249 (iii. 83).
Bech, M., iii. xli.
Benoît de Sainte-More, ii. lxi.
Beryn, Tale of, iv. 384.
Boccaccio, G., his Teseide, i. 67; ii. l; iv. 391;
his Filostrato, ii. xlix;
De Claris Mulieribus, iii. xxvii;
De Genealogia Deorum, iii. xl;
De Casibus Virorum, iii. 427;
Il Filostrato compared with Chaucer's Troilus (book i), ii. 461; (book ii), ii. 467; (book iii), ii. 474; (book iv), ii. 484; (book v), ii. 494.
Boethius; Chaucer's translation of his Consolation of Philosophy, ii. 1;
discussion of, ii. vii;
Notes to, ii. 419;
other translations, ii. xiv;
date of, ii. xix;
mistranslations in, ii. xxiv;
compared with other works, ii. xxviii;
manuscripts of, ii. xxxvii;

editions of, ii. xliv;
the present edition of, ii. xlvi.
Book of the Duchesse, i. 277;
discussion of, i. 63;
Notes to, i. 462;
note to l. 1318, v. 490.
Bradshaw, H., i. 1, 5; vi. xx.
Buddhist original of the Pardoneres Tale, iii. 443.

Caesura, or medial Pause, vi. lxxxvi-xcii, xcvi.
Cambinskan, meaning of, iii. 471.
Canon of Chaucer's Works, discussed, i. 20; v. ix; vi. xii;
Lounsbury on the same, v. xv.
Canon's Yeoman's Tale, iv. 527;
Notes to, v. 414;
discussion of, iii. 492.
Canterbury Tales, text of, iv. 1;
introduction to, iv. vii; v. xvii;
manuscripts of, iv. vii;
editions of, iv. xv;
the present edition, iv. xvii;
numbering of the lines, iv. xxi;
types of MSS., iv. xxiv;
errata, iv. xxiv;
Text of, discussed, v. xvii;
the Harleian MS., v. xix (cf. iv. viii);
the Ellesmere MS., v. xx (cf. iv. xiii);
Stowe's edition, v. xxi;
spelling of, v. xxv;
Groups of the, discussed, iii. 371;
date of, iii. 372;
Prologue to, discussed, iii. 388;
remarks on, vi. xvi;
Sources of the, discussed, iii. 370;
Notes to, v. 1.
Caxton, testimony of, i. 27;
editions of Chaucer's works, i. 28;
edition of Ch. Boethius, ii. xliv;
edition of Troilus, ii. lxxiv.
Cecilia, Life of, iii. 486-492.
Chaucer, the name of, i. ix; v. 490;
Robert le ——, i. x;
Richard le ——, i. xi;
John ——, i. xlii, xiv;
Philippa ——, i. xx;
Thomas ——, i. xlviii;
Personal allusions in Chaucer's works, i. liii;
Allusions to, i. lvi;
List of his works, i. lxii;
Life of, i. ix;
his authorities, vi. xcviii.
Child, Prof. F. J., vi. xxi.
Ciento Novelle Antike, quoted, iii. 439.
Clerk's Tale, iv. 389;
Notes to, v. 342;
Source of, iii. 453.
Clouston, W. A., iii. 443, 447, 461, 478-9, 481-5, 501.
Coincy, Gautier de, iii. 422 (misprinted Poincy); v. 491.
Complaint to my Lode-sterre (Lode-star), iv. xxix;
Notes to, iv. xxxi;
discussed, v. xvi.
Complaint to my Mortal Foe, iv. xxvii;
Notes to, iv. xxxi;
discussed, v. xvi.
Compleint Damours; see An Amorous Complaint.
Compleint of Mars, i. 323;
discussion of, i. 64;
Notes to, i. 495.
Compleint of Venus, i. 400;
discussion of, i. 86;
French original of, i. 400;
Notes to, i. 559.
Compleint to his Lady, i. 360;
discussion of, i. 75;
Notes to, i. 526.
Compleint to his Purse, i, 405;
discussion of, i. 87;
Notes to, i. 562.
Compleynte unto Pitè, i. 272;
discussion of, i. 61;
Notes to, i. 457.
Contraction, vi. xcv.
Cook's Tale, iv. 126;
Notes to, v. 128;
discussed, iii. 399.
Corson, Prof. H., iii. liii.
Couplet; see Heroic.
Criticism, aesthetic, vi. xxiii.

Dante's influence on the House of Fame, iii. vii.
Dares, cited by Guido, iii. lx.
Deschamps, Eustache, alludes to Chaucer, i. lvi.
Dialect of Chaucer, vi. xxiii.
Doctor's Tale; see Physician's Tale.

E, long, pronunciation of, vi. xxxv.
Editions of Chaucer, i. 27.
Eilers, Dr., iii. 503.
Elision, vi. xciii.
Ellis, Dr. A. J., vi. xxi.
Encyclopædia Britannica, quoted, iii. 496-7.
Envoys, vi. lix, lxii.
Errata, General List of, vi. 400;
some Errata in vol. i., i. lxiv;
some in vol. ii, ii. lxxix;
some in vol. iii., iii. xv, lxxx;
some in vol. iv., iv. xxiv, v. xxvii;
some in vol. v., v. xxviii;
some in vol. vi., vi. 400.

Falcon, story of the, iii. 477-9.
Former Age, The, i. 380;
discussion of, i. 78;
Notes to, i. 539.
Fortune, i. 383;
discussion of, i. 79;
Notes to, i. 542.
Francis, H. T., iii. 443.
Franklin's Tale, iv. 480, 483;
Notes to, v. 387;
Eastern source of, iii. 480.
Friar's Tale, iv. 357;
Notes to, v. 322;
source of, iii. 450.
Furnivall, Dr., i. 66; ii. xxxvii; iv. vii; vi. xviii; &c.

Gamelyn, Tale of, iv. 645;
Notes to, v. 477;
discussion of, iii. 399.
Gentilesse, i. 392;
discussion of, i. 82;
Notes to, i. 553.
Glossarial Index, vi. 1; cf. vi. x.
Glossary to Gamelyn, vi. 347.
Glossary to the Romaunt of the Rose (Fragments B and C), vi. 311.
Gorra, Egidio, sulla Legenda Trojana, ii. lxii.
Gower's story of Constance, iii. 413.
Grammatical Outlines, vi. lxiii.
Granson, Sir Otes de, i. 86;
Chaucer's Compleint of Venus compared with three of Granson's Balades, i. 400.
Griselda, Story of, iii. 454.
Guido delle Colonne, his influence on 'Troilus,' ii. liii, lvi.

Hales, Prof. John W., iii. 457; vi. xxi.
Heroic Couplet, iii. xliv, 383; vi. lxii.
Hoccleve's allusions to Chaucer, i. lviii.
Horace quoted in Troilus, ii. lii.
House of Fame, iii. 1;
Notes to, iii. 243;
date of, iii. xi;
metre of, iii. xi;
imitations of, iii. xii;
emendations, iii. xiii; vi. 405.

Index, Glossarial, to Chaucer's Works, vi. 1;
Addenda to, vi. 310;
to Fragments B and C of the Romaunt, vi. 311;
to the Tale of Gamelyn, vi. 347.
Index of Authors quoted or referred to, vi. 381;
(A) quotations from the Bible, vi. 381;
(B) from other sources, vi. 384.
Index of Books referred to in the Notes, vi. 390.
Index of Proper Names, vi. 359.
Index to the subjects and words explained in the Notes, v. 495.
Innocent III., De Contemptu Mundi, quoted, iii. 407, 444; cf. 447.
Introduction, General, vi. ix;
(brief), i. vii.

Jakes de Basiu, iii. 452.

Kaluza, Dr. M., i. 2, 9, 15; vi. xi.
Kentish forms, vi. xxiii-v.
Khan, the Great, iii. 471-4.
Kittredge, Prof. G. L., iii. 479; vi. xi, xv, xxii.
Knightes Tale, iv. 26;
Notes to, v. 60;
sources of, iii. 389.
Koch, Dr. J., i. 64; iii. xv; vi. xix, xx.
Kölbing, Dr. E., iii. 389 (note), 424-6, 485-90.
Köppell, Dr. E., ii. lxv, lxxx; iii. 407, 444, 447, 458-9, 485 (note), 501, 504; vi. xxi.

Lack of Steadfastness, i. 394;
discussion of, i. 84;
Notes to, i. 555.
Lange, Dr. M., i. 64; vi. xix.
Legend of Good Women, iii. 65;
Notes to, iii. 288;
date of, iii. xvi;
two forms of the Prologue, iii. xxi;
sources of, iii. xxxiv;
metre of, iii. xliii;
'clipped' lines in, iii. xliv;
manuscripts of, iii. xlvii;
editions, iii. li;
note to l. 1896, ii. lvi.
Lenvoy a Bukton, i. 398;
discussion of, i. 85;
Notes to, i. 558.
Lenvoy a Scogan, i. 396;
discussion of, i. 85;
Notes to, i. 556.
Libro di Novelle, quoted, iii. 440.
Life of Chaucer, i. ix.
Lincoln, Hugh of, iii. 421;
Alphonsus of, ibid.
Lindner, Dr. E., i. 2, 7; iii. 403.
Lollius, ii. liii, 464, 503; iii. 277.
Lorens, Frère, Somme des Vices, iii. 502.
Lounsbury, Prof., iii. 396, 407-8, 453; vi. xix;
his attacks on Chaucer's rhymes considered, vi. 1;

his attacks on Gower considered, vi. li, lvii.
Lücke, E., iii. 413-7.
Lydgate's allusions to Chaucer, i. lx;
his list of Chaucer's Works, i. 22;
allusions to the Knight's Tale, iii. 387;
Siege of Troye, ii. lv, lxvi.

Madasenā, story of, quoted, iii. 481-3.
Magic Horse, iii. 464-5, 475;
Magic Mirror, iii. 464, 466-7;
Magic Ring, iii. 469, 476.
Man of Law's Tale, iv. 130;
Notes to, v. 132;
source of, iii. 409;
sources of the Prologue to, iii. 407.
Manciple's Tale, iv. 555;
Notes to, v. 435;
source of, iii. 500.
Manly, J. M., vi. xxii, lxv.
Manuscript testimony to the genuineness of Chaucer's Works, i. 25.
Manuscripts; see vi. 399 for the complete list of references.
Marco Polo's Travels, iii. 463;
quoted, 471-4.
Marie de France, iii. 431-3.
Melibeus, Tale of, iv. 197;
Notes to, v. 201;
discussion of, iii. 426.
Merchant's Tale, iv. 426;
Notes to, v. 353;
source of, iii. 458.
Merciless Beauty, i. 387;
discussion of, i. 80; vi. xiii;
Notes to, i. 548.
Metres, i. lxii; vi. lviii;
Metre of the House of Fame, iii. xi;
Metre of the Legend, iii. xliii;
'Clipped' lines, iii. xlv.
Miller's Tale, iv. 89;
Notes to, v. 95;
source of, iii. 395;
cf. iii. 504.
Minor Poems, discussed, i. 20; vi. xii;
text of, i. 261;
Notes to, i. 452.
Monk's Tale, iv. 241;
Notes to, v. 224;
discussion of, iii. 427.
Morlinus, Novellae of, quoted, iii. 442.
Morris, Dr. R., i. 46; ii. xlii, lxxvi; iii. liii, 443; iv. i, xvi; v. xix, xxvi, 1; vi. xxii;
his edition of Chaucer, i. 46.

Nun's Priest's Tale, iv. 269;
Notes to, v. 247;
discussion of, iii. 431.

O, long, pronunciation of, vi. xxxi.
Ovid's influence on the House of Fame, iii. ix.

Pardoner's Tale, iv. 301;
Notes to, v. 269;
sources of, iii. 438, 439.
Parlement of Foules, i. 335;
discussion of, i. 66;
Italian original of part of, i. 68;
Notes to, i. 505.
Parson's Tale, iv. 567;
Notes to, v. 444;
source of, iii. 502.
Phonetics, study of, vi. xxi.
Physician's Tale, iv. 290;
Notes to, v. 260;
sources of, iii. 435.
Piaget, Dr., vi. xix.
Prioress's Tale, iv. 180;
Notes to, v. 173;
sources of, iii. 421;
v. 491.
Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, iv. 1;
Notes to, v. 1;
discussed, iii. 388.
Pronunciation, vi. xxv.
'Proverbs,' i. 407;
discussion of, i. 88;
Notes to, i. 564.
Proverbs, list of, ii. lxxviii; v. 508.

Rambeau, A., iii. vii; vi. xx.
Reeve's Tale, iv. 112;
Notes to, v. 112;
sources of, iii. 396.
Rime, peculiarities of, vi. xlvii;
Rimes involving long and short o, vi. xxxi;
Rimes involving long e, vi. xxxv;
Rimes involving repetitions, vi. xlix;
Rimes that have been misunderstood, vi. l;
Rimes in -y and -y-e, i. 5, 6, 8; vi. lvii.
Romaunt of the Rose, i. 93;
Fragment B, i. 164;
Fragment C, i. 229;
discussed, i. 1; vi. xi;
French text of, i. 16;
part of the French text printed, i. 93;
Notes to, i. 417;
note to l. 923, v. 490.
Rosemounde, Balade to, i. 389;
discussion of, i. 81;
Notes to, i. 549.
Rossetti, W. M., ii. xlix, 461.
Roundels, i. 80, 524; vi. lxi.
Rules for reading Chaucer, v. xxiii; vi. lxiii.

Scansion of English verse, vi. lxxxii.
Second Nun's Tale, iv. 509;
Notes to, v. 401;
sources of, iii. 485.
Shipman's Tale, iv. 165;
Notes to, v. 165;
discussed, iii. 420;
Prologue to, discussed, iii. 417.

Shirley, John, testimony of, i. 25.
Simon, H., iii. 504.
Sir Thopas, iv. 189;
Notes to, v. 182;
discussion of, iii. 423.
Speght's editions of Chaucer, i. 43.
Squire's Tale, iv. 461;
Notes to, v. 370;
source of, iii. 463.
Stanzas of eight lines, vi. lix;
of seven lines, vi. lix;
of ten lines, vi. lx;
of nine lines, vi. lxi;
others, vi. lxi.
Stedfastnesse; see Lack.
Stewart, H. F., ii. x.
Stowe's edition examined, i. 31.
Sumnour's Tale, iv. 370;
Notes to, v. 330;
source of, iii. 452.
Sundby, Thor, iii. 426, 501.
Sweet, Dr. H., vi. xxi, xxvi (note), xxix, xxxii.
Syllables suppressed, vi. xciv.

Tawney, Prof. C. H., iii. 443;
quoted, 481-3.
Ten Brink, Prof. B., i. 62; iii. 412; vi. xxi, xxxviii, xlvii, lxiii, &c.
Terns, i. 495, 503; vi. lxii.
Terza Rima, i. 76; vi. lx.
Theatrum Chemicum, by Ashmole, iii. 493;
another work so named, iii. 498-9.
Thomson, Dr., History of Chemistry, quoted, iii. 500.
Thopas; see Sir.
Thynne, W., his edition of Chaucer, ii. 28, 29;
of Boethius, ii. xlvi;
of Troilus, ii. lxxvi;
of the Romaunt, i. 11; cf. vi. xviii.
Trivet, N., iii. 409.
Troilus and Criseyde, ii. 153;
discussion of, ii. xlix;
sources of, ii. xlix;
compared with Le Roman de la Rose, ii. lxv;
compared with the Geste Historiale, ii. lxv;
compared with Lydgate's Siege of Troy, ii. lxvi;
manuscripts of, ii. lxvii;
notes on, in MS. Harl. 2392, ii. lxxii;
editions of, ii. lxxv;
the present edition, ii. lxxvi;
Proverbs in, ii. lxxviii.
Trophee, the name discussed, ii. liv; cf. v. 233.
Truth, i. 390;
discussion of, i. 82;
Notes to, i. 550.
Tyrwhitt, T., iii. 391-5, 409, 422-4, 446-7, 450, 460, 462-3, 485, 493; iv. viii-x, xv; v. x, xviii; vi. xv, xxi, 1, &c.

Valerii Epistola ad Rufinum, iii. 447.
Verse, forms of, vi. lviii;
Verses of four accents, vi. lviii, xcvii.
Versification, vi. lxxxii.

Warton, T., quoted, iii. 450, 464-70.
Whewell, W., History of the Inductive Sciences, quoted, iii. 495-6.
Wife of Bath's Prologue, iv. 320;
Notes to, v. 291;
sources of, iii. 445.
Wife of Bath's Tale, iv. 345;
Notes to, v. 313;
source of, iii. 447.
Willert, Dr. H., iii. xiii; vi. xx.
William of Norwich, iii. 423.
Womanly Noblesse, a Balade by Chaucer, iv. xxv;
Notes to, iv. xxxi;
discussed, v. xvi.
Words between the Sumnour and the Friar, iv. 344.
Words of the Host, iv. 299;
Notes to, v. 264;
discussed, iii. 437.
Wordes unto Adam, i. 379;
discussion of, i. 78;
Notes to, i. 538.
Works of Chaucer, list of, i. lxii.
Wretched Engendring of Mankind, a lost poem by Chaucer, iii. 407.
Wright, T., iii. 409, 411, 446, 450-1, 460; iv. viii, xvi, xxi, 1, &c.; v. xix; vi. xxi.

Zupitza, Dr. J., vi. xxi.