Chinese Without a Teacher (1922)/Vocabulary



Accounts, to do. TODO Swahn jahng.
Again Dzi.
Ague, to have TODO Fah yowdza.
All To.
Almonds 杏仁 Shing-ren.
Also TODO Hi yow.
Alum TODO Pi-fahn.
Amah 老媽兒 Lowmar.
Anchor Mow.
Answer 回信 Hwey sheen.
Animal cattle) 牲口 Shungk'o.
do. (beasts) 畜生 Ch'oo-shung.
anything 甚麼 Shummo.
Apple 蘋果 Pingkwo.
Aprioet SIC 杏兒 Shinger.
Apron TODO Way-ch'un.
Arrowroot TODO O-fun.


Ask, to Wun.
Ask leave of absence, to 吿假 Kow cheeah.
Asparagus TODO Loong-shü-ts'i.
Astracan 黑子TODO Haydza-kow.


Bad 不好 Poo how.
Bag 口袋 K'o ti.
Baggage 行李 Shinglee.
Bake K'ou
Bale (of goods) P'ee.
Ball Ch'ew.
Bar (of a river) TODOTODO Lahn-cheang shah.
Basket 筐子 K'wangdza.
Bath TODO Dzow p'un
Bathe, to 洗澡 Sheedzow.
Be to 在, 是 Dzi; shirt.


Because 因為 Yeenway.
Bed Ch'wong.
Bedclothes TODO Paywaw.
Bedroom 睡覺的屋子 Shooey cheeowty woodza.
Beef 牛肉 New-ro.
Beef-fat 牛油 New yoo.
Beef-steak 牛肉 TODO Newro-y'i.
Behind 後頭 Ho-t'o.
Bend (of a river) TODO Haw-wahn.
Besides 另外 Ling wi.
Betel-nut 檳榔 Ping-lahng.
Bill 賬目 Jahn-moo.
Bird Neeow.
Bite, to (as a dog) Yow.
Black Hay.
Blacking 黑水 Hay shooey.
Black-lead 黑麵 Hay me-enn.
Blanket TODO Chahndza.
Blow, to (as wind) Kwah.


Blow out, to (as a lamp) Ch'ooey.
Blue Lahn.
Board 板子 Pahndza
Boat Ch'wahn.
Boatman 船戶 Ch'awahnhoo
Boiling water 開水 K'i shooey.
Book Shoo.
Book-case 書架子 Shoo-cheeahdza
Boots 靴子 Shüaydza
Borrow, to Cheeay.
Bottle 瓶子 P'ingdza.
Box 箱子 Sheeangdza.
Boy (Servant) 跟班的 Kunpahnty.
Bread 麵包 Me-enpow.
Breakfast 早飯 Dzow fahn.
Brick Chooahn.
Bricklayer TODO Wah-cheeang.
Birdle TODO Cheeowdza.
Bring, to 拿來 Nah li.


Broad K'wahn
Broad bean TODO Ts'ahn-to.
Bucket 水筲, 水桶 Shooey - show; shooey-t'oony.
Bundle 包服 Powfoo.
Burn, to Show.
Butter 黃油 Hwong-yoo.
Buttons 鈕子 Nayo-dza.
Buy, to Mi.


Cabbage 白菜 Pi-ts'i.
Cabin 客艙 K aw ts'ahng.
Cake TODO Baw-baw
Calico 洋布 Yahng-poo.
Call, to TODO Cheeow.
Camphor 樟腦 Ch'ownow.
Can do 可以 K'awyee.
Can, a Hoo.


Candareen Fun.
Candle Lah.
Cap 帽子 Mowdza.
Captain 船主 Ch'wahn choo.
Care, to take 小心, 留心 Sheeow sheen; laho sheen.
Cargo 貨物 Hwaw woo.
Cargo-Boat TODO Pow ch'wahn.
Carpenter 木匠 Moo cheeang.
Carpet 毯子 T'ahndza.
Carrot 紅蘿蔔 Hoo lawbaw or hoong lawbow
Cart Ch'aw.
Cash Ch'e-enn.
Cat Mow.
Catty Cheen.
Celery TODO Ch'in-ts'i.
Certain 一定 Yee ting
Chair 椅子 Yeedza.
Chair, sedan TODO Cheeowdza.
Charcoal T'han.
Chestnut 栗子 Leedza.
Chicken 小雞子 Sheeow cheedza.
Child 小孩子 Sheeow hi dza.
Chimney 烟筒 Yen-t’oong.
Chinese 中國 Choongkwo.
Chop, to TODO Taw k’i
Chow - chow. to have 吃飯 Chrip fahn
Cigar TODO Yen-chiiar.
Clean 乾淨 Kahnching.
Clever 明白 Ming-pi
Clothes 衣裳 Eeshahng
Clove 丁香 Ting-cheeang
Club, the 打毬房子 Tah cy'ew - fahngdza.
Clumsy TODO Pun.
Coal May.
Cobweb TODO 蜘蛛網 Tah-hwey; chirp-choowang
Cold Lung.
Collar TODO Lingdza.
Comb, a 梳子 Shoodza.


Comb, to hoo.
Come, to Li.
Commissioner of Customs TODO Shooey woo-sir.
Compass, a 定南針 Ting-nahn chun.
Compradore TODO Mi pahn.
Consulate 領事官衙門 Ling-shirt-kwahn yahmun.
Cook, a 廚子 Ch'oodza.
Cook-house 廚房子 Ch'oo-fahngdza.
Copper Toong.
Corkscrew 螺絲 Lawsaw.
Cotton (on reel) TODO Se-enn
Cotton wool 棉花 Me-enn hwah.
Cover, a 蓋兒 Kar.
Cover to. 蓋上 Ki-shahng.
Crack to. TODO Leeay.
Crack, a (in a bowl) TODO Wun.
Crab 螃蟹 P'ahng-seeay.
Crease TODO Chawr.
Crisp TODO Ts'ooey.


Cucumber 黃瓜 Hwong-kwah.
Cupboard TODO Kweyza.
Curtain 帳子 Chahngdza.
Cushion 椅墊子 Ete-endza.
Customs 海關 Hi-kwahn.
Cut, to Lah.


Darn, to TODO Fung
Day T'e-enn.
Dead TODO Sirla.
Dear (costly) Kwey.
Devil 鬼子 Kweydza.
Dirty TODO Ah-dzah ro ahng dzahng.
Do, to Dzaw.
Doctor 大夫, 醫生 Ti-foo or eeshung.
Dog Ko.
Dollar, one 一塊TODO Yee k'wich'e-enn.


Donkey Lü.
Door Mun.
Double up, to TODO起來 Teeay-ch'ee-li.
Down Seeah.
Draughty TODO T'o fung.
Drawer TODO Ch'o-t'ee.
Drink, to Haw.
Duck 鴨子 Yahdza.
Duck, wild TODO鴨子 Yay yahdza.
Dust, to TODO Tahn-e-tahn.
Duster TODO Chahn-poo.
Dye, to TODO Rahn.


Ear TODO Urtaw.
Ear rings TODO Ch'e-endza.
East Toong.
Eat, to Ch'irp.


Ebb-tide TODO Law-ch'ow.
Egg TODO 子兒 Cheedzer.
Employ, to Yoong.
Ended TODO Wahnla.
English 英國 Yingkwo.
Enough TODO Ko.
Ermine TODO Yeeen-shoo.
Evening 晚上 Wahnshahng.
Every May.
Eyes TODO Yenjing.


Face Layenn.
Fair (of wind) TODO Shoon.
Fall, to (of things) 掉下 Teeow-seeah.
Far Yüahn.
Fast Kwi.
Fat (1) of people; (2) of meat TODO, 油 (1) P'ahng; (2) yoo.


Father 父親 Fooch'in.
Fear, to P'ah.
Feather-brush TODO Tahndza.
Feed, to TODO Way.
Fetch, to 拿來 Nah li
Fever and ague, to have TODO Fah Yowdza.
Few Show.
Fight, to 打架 Tah cheeah.
Filter, to 過淋 K'wo leen
Fine, to TODO P'ow; fah; k'oh.
Finger-bowl 玻璃碗 Pawly-wahn.
Finished TODO Wahnla.
Fire Hwaw.
Fire-wood 劈柴 Pee-ch'i.
First, the 頭一個 T'o-yeeka.
Flea 虼蚤 Kawdzow
Flood-tide TODO Chahng ch'ow.
Floor 地板 Tee-pahn.


Flour 麫, 白麫 Me-enn; pi me-enn.
Flower 花兒 Hwar.
Flower-pot 花盆 Hwan-p'un.
Fly, a 蒼蠅 Ts'ahng-ying.
Foot, a Cheeow.
Foot, a (in measure) Chirp.
Fork 鍤子 Ch'ahdza.
Foreign 外國 Wi-kwo.
Fox 狐狸 Hoolee.
French beans 扁荳 Pe-en-to or try pe-ennto.
Fresh Se-enn.
Freeze, to Toong.
Fruit 果子 Kwo-dza.
Fry, to TODO Jah.
Full 滿 Mahn.
Fur 皮, 皮子 Pee or p'eedza.


Gauze-window 紗壁子 Shah-peedza.
Get up, to 起來 Ch'ee-li.
Ginger Cheeang.
Girth 肚帶 Too-ti.
Give, to Kay.
Glass, a 玻璃 Pawly.
Gloves 手套兒 Sho-t'owr.
Go, to Dzo.
Go round, to Chooahn.
Go out, to 出門 Ch'oo mun.
Goat 山羊 Shahn-yahng.
Godown 棧房 Jahn-fahng.
Gold 金, 金子 Cheen or cheen-dza.
Good How.
Goose 鵝, 鴈 Aw; (wild) yen.
Grapes 葡萄 Poot'ow.
Grate, to TODO Dzah sooey.
Green Lü.
Grey shirtings TODO Yahng-poo.


Guest K'aw.
Gun Ch'eeang.
Gunboat 兵船 Ping-ch'wahn.


Hair 頭髮 T'o-fah.
Hair (of fur) Mow.
Hair-brush 刷子 Shwahdza.
Half 一半 or 一半兒 Yee pahn or Yee par.
Halter TODO Loongt'o.
Ham 火腿 Hwan-t'ooey.
Hammer 銀頭 槌子 Lahngt'o; ch'ooeydza.
Hand Sho.
Handkerchief TODO子 手巾 Chüandza; sho-cheen.
Hang up,to 掛起來 Kwah-ch'ee-li.
Hard Ying.
Hare 野貓 Yaymow.


Hat 帽子 Mowdza.
Have, to Yo.
He T'ah.
Head 腦袋 Non-ti.
Hear, to T'ing.
Hem, to TODO Ch'eeow.
Here 這兒 Cher.
Hire, to TODO Koo.
Hold, the TODO 'Ts'ahng.
Home, at 在家, 家TODO Dzi cheeah; cheeahlee.
Honey 蜜蜂 Fungmee.
Hong Hahng.
Horse Mah.
Horse-radish TODO Lah-kun.
Hot Raw.
House 房子 Fahngdza.
How? 怎麼 Dzummo?
How much? how many? 多少, TODO Tow show? chee-ka?
Hungry Aw.


I Waw.
Ice Ping.
Ice-box 冰箱子 Ping-sheeangdza.
Ice, to TODO Chunja chunja.
Ill, to be 有病, 不舒服 Yo ping; poo shoo-foo.
In there, etc. TODO Nah-lee or nah leet'o.
Inch Ts'oon.
Indian-corn TODO Pahngdza.
Ink Maw.
Inside TODO Leet'o.
Inside out TODO Leer ch'ow wi; me-er ch'ow lee.
Instance, for 比方 Pee-fahny.
Invite, to Ch'ing.
Iron T'eeay.
Iron, an TODO Lowt'eeay.
Iron, to 熅開 Yün-k'i.


Jacket TODO子, TODO Sheeow kwahdza; mah-kwah.
Jade Yü.
Jetty TODO Maht'o.
Jug Hoo.


Keep, to 留下 Layo-seeah.
Kettle 水壺 Shooey-hoo.
Key TODO Yowsh.
Kidney 腰子 Yowdza.
Kill, to (chickens etc.) TODO Dzi.
Kind (sort) 樣子 Yahngdza.
Knife 刀子 Towdza.
Knot (to tie) TODO Sheeka-k'or.
Know, to TODO 得, 知道 Sheeowta; chirp-tow.


Lamp Tung.
Lantern 燈籠 Tung-loong
Large Tah.
Late Wahn.
Lazy TODO Lahntaw.
Leaf of a tree 樹葉子 Shao yaydza.
Leak to Lo.
Leather 皮, 皮子 P'ee or p'eedza.
Left hand 左手 Dzaw. sho.
Lemon 香櫞 Sheeang-yüan.
Lend, to Cheeay.
Less Show.
Lot go, to TODO Soong; soong sho.
Letter Sheen.
Lid, a 蓋兒 Kar.
Lie, to tsll a TODO Sah-hwong.
Lie down, to TODO Tahng-seeah.
Light (not heavy) Ch'ing.
Light, to Te-enn.
Lightning, thunder and 雷閃 Lay-shahn.
Like Sheeang.
Like, to 喜歡, 愛 Shee-hwahn; i.
Lime TODO Hwey; pi hwey.
Little, a Show.
Little (not big) Sheeow.
Liver 肝兒 Kar.
Lock, to TODO Saw.
Long Ch'ahny.
Look, to TODO K'ahn; cheeow.
Looking-glass 鏡子 Chingdza.
Lucky TODO Yo dzow-hwah.


Mace TODO Ch'e-enn.
Madam 娘子, 大娘 Neeang-dza or Tah neeang; (for an official's wife) 太太 T'i-t'i
Make, to Dzaw.
Make haste! 快快 K'wi k'wi!
Man Ren.


Many 多, 好些個 Toa; how seeay-ka.
Maskee 不要TODO Poo yow cheen.
Mast 桅杆 Wag-kahn.
Master 東家 Toong-cheeah.
Matches TODO Ch'ü-tunger.
Matting TODO Shee; p'ungdza.
Medicine Yow;
Melon 香瓜 Sheeang kwah.
Melon, water 西瓜 Shee-kwah.
Mend, to TODO Sho-shirt.
Middle 中間兒 Choong-che-er.
Milk (cow's) 牛奶 New ni.
Mince, to TODO Ch'eeay sooey.
Mint 薄荷 Pawhaw.
Monday 禮拜一 Lee-pi yee.
Money Ch'e-enn.
Month Yüay.
Moon Yüay.
Mop TODO Toon-poo.
Morning 早起 Dzow-ch'ee.
Mosquito 蚊子 Wundza.
Mosquito-curtains 蚊帳 Wunjahng.
Mother 母親 Mooch'in.
Mouse 耗子 Howdza.
Mouth 口, 嘴 K'o, or tsooey.
Much Taw.
Mushroom TODO Mawkoo.
Must Tag.
Mustard 芥末 Cheeaymaw.
Mutton 羊肉 Yahng-ro.
Mutton-chop TODO Yang p'i-koo.
My 我的 Wawty.


Nail, a 釘子 Tingdza.
Nail, to 釘上, 釘釘 Ting - shahng; ting ting
Name 姓, 名字 Shing; mingdza.
Narrow Chi.
Needle Chun.
New Sheen.
Night 夜, 黑下 Yay; hay-seeah.
North Pay.
Nose 鼻子 Peedza.
Notes (of money) 票子 P'eeowdza.
Now 現在 Shendzi.
Nutmeg TODO To k'.o
Nutmeg-grater TODO Dzah-chwong.


Office 寫字房 Seeaydzafahng.
Oil Yo.
Old (clothes) Chew.
Old (applied to people) Low.
Old (stale) TODO Chun.
On the bed 床上 Ch'wong-shahng.
Onion Ts'oong.
Open, to (a door) K'i.
Open, to (a box) 打開, TODO Tah-k'i; (if nailed down) ch'eeow-k'i.
Opium TODO Yahng-yow.
Orange 橘子, 橙子 Chüdza; ch'und-dza.
Ounce Layang.
Outside 外頭 Wi-t'o.


Pane of glass, a TODO Yee k'wi pawly.
Paper Jilt, or jump.
Partridge TODO Shah chee.
Paste TODO Cheeangdza.
Paste, to Hoo.
Pattern 樣子 Yahngdza.
Pay, to 給錢, 還錢 Kay che-enn; hwahn.
Peach T'ow.


Pear Lee.
Peas TODO Wahn-to.
Picul, a 一但 Yee tahn.
Peking 北京 Pay-ching.
Pen Pee.
Pencil (lead) 鉛筆 Ch'e-enn pee.
Pepper 胡椒TODO Hoo-cheeow-me-er.
Persimmon 柿子 Shirtdza.
Pheasant TODO Yay-chee.
Pick up, to 揀起來 Che-enn-ch'ee-li.
Piece K'wi
Pieces Ka or kaw.
Pigeon 鴿子 Kawdza.
Pillow 枕頭 Chunt'o.
Pilot 引水的 Yeen-shooeyty.
Pin TODO Kawter-chun.
Pincushion TODO Chun-cher.
Place 地方 Tee fahng.
Plate 盤子 P'ahndza.
Play, to (as children) 玩兒 Wahr.
Plum 李子 Leedza.
Poach, to (eggs) TODO Waw.
Pocket 口袋 K'ow-ti.
Pony Mah.
Pork 豬肉 Choo-ro.
Port, a 海口 Hi-k'ow.
Potato 山藥豆兒 Shahn-yow-tor.
Pound, a Cheen.
Pour, to Tow.
Pudding TODO Te-ensheen.
Pull out, to (a drawer) 拉開 Lah k'i.
Pull, to Lah.
Push, to T'ooey.
Put, to TODO Kawdzi.


Qualitiy 成色 Ch'ung-saw.
Queue TODO Pe-endza.
Quick K'wi.
Quince 木瓜 Mookwah.


Rabbit 兔子 T'oodza.
Races 跑馬 P'ow mah.
Race-course 跑馬 TODO P'ow mah ch'ahng.
Rain; (2) it rains 雨, 下雨 Yü; (2) Seeah yü.
Raisins 葡萄乾兒 P'oot'o kar.
Ready, it is TODO Tawla; güpay howla.
Ready made 現成兒的 Shen-ch'ung-er-ty.
Red Hoong.
Relation TODO Ch'een-ch'ee.
Rice (cooked) 飯 白米飯 Fahn or pi-mee fahn.
Rice (uncooked) 白米 Pi mee.
Ride, to Ch'ee
Right (to be) 有理 Yo lee.
Right (hand) 右手 Yo sho.
Ripe Sho or shoo.
River How.
Road 道兒, 道路 Tower; tow-loo.
Roast, to K'ow.
Robe 外套兒 Wi-t'ower.
Room, a 屋子 Woodza.
Rope 繩子 Shungdza.
Round Yüan.
Rub, to (in cleaning) Ts'ah.
Run, to P'ow.
Run, to (in needlework) TODO Chirp-cher-koong.


Sable TODO Teeowshoo.
Saddle, a 鞍子 Ahndza.
Salt 白鹽 Pi yen.
Salt-beef TODO牛肉 Se-enn newro.
Saturday 禮拜六 Lee-pi layo.
Saucepan Kwo.
Say, to Shoo-o.
Scorpion 蝎子 Seeaydza.
Scissors 剪子 Che-endza.
Screw 螺絲 Lawsaw.
Sea-otter 海龍 Hi-loong.
Sea-sick, to be 暈船 Yün ch'wahn
See, to 看, 看一看 K'ahn; k'ahn-e-k'ahn.
Seek, to Chow.
Sell, to Mi.
Send, to (a man) 打發, 送 Tahfah; (a thing) soong.
Separate Tahn.
Servant 跟班的 Kanpahnty.
Several 幾個 Cheeka.
Sewing-silk TODO Shü se-enn.
Shake, to (clothes) TODO Tolo.
Sheet TODO Pay-tahn.
Shoe Seeay.
Shoe, to (a horse) TODO Ting jahng.
Shop TODO P'oodza.


Short Tooahn.
Shrimp 蝦米 Seeahmee.
Shut, to 關 關上 Kwahn; kwahn-shahng.
Sick (ill) 不舒服 Poo shoo-foo.
Silk 綢子 Ch'oodza.
Silver 銀子 Yeendza.
Sing TODO Ch'ang.
Sir (in address) 先生 She-enn-shung or Kaw-seeah.
Sit, to Dzaw.
Skin 皮子 P'ee or p'eedza.
Slow Mahn.
Slowly 慢慢的 Mahn-mahnty.
Smoke Yen.
Smoke to (of a chimney) 冒烟 Mow yen.
Sneeze, to TODO Tah t'ee-fun.
Snipe TODO Shooey-jah.
Soap 胰子 Yeedza.
Soak, to (1) in hot water, (2) in cold TODO (1) Fah-k'i; (2) p'ow-k'i.


Sock 襪子 Wahdza.
Soda Che'enn.
Soft Rooahn.
Solder, to TODO Hahn-shahng.
Sole (fish) TODO T'ahma yü.
Son 兒子 Urdza.
Soot TODO Yen-maydza.
Sort TODO Yahngdza.
Soup T'ahng.
South Nahn.
Spade TODO T'ee-ag ch'eeow.
Spider 蜘蛛 Chirp-chow.
Spinach 菠菜 Paw-ts'i
Spectacles 眼鏡兒 Yen-junger.
Sponge TODO Hi-maw.
Sponge cake TODO Tahn-kow.
Spoon 勺子, 匙子 Showdza; ch'irp-dza.
Spread, to P'oo.
Square 四方的 Sir fahngty.


Squirrel TODO Hwey-shoo.
Stable TODO, 馬棚 Mah-how; mah-p'ung.
Stale TODO Ch'un
Starch TODO Cheeangdza.
Start, to 起身 Ch'ee shun.
Steamer 火輪船 Hwaw - loon ch'-wahn
Steersman TODO Taw koong.
Stew TODO Hwey.
Stick, a TODO Koondza.
Stirrup 馬鐙 Mah-tung.
Stool TODO Tungdza.
Stop up, to 堵住 Too-choo.
Stove 爐子 Loodza.
Stow away, to TODO Ts'ahng.
Strainer TODO Chowlee.
Straw Ts'ow
String 繩子 Shungdza.
Sugar 白糖 Pi t'ahng.
Sun 太陽 T'i-yahng.
Sun - Stroke, to have
Shi -la.
Sunday 禮拜 Lee pi.
Sweet (to smell) Sheeang.
Sweet (to taste) T'e-enn.


Table 桌子 Chawdza.
Table-cloth 台布 T'i-poo.
Tael 兩銀子 Layang yeendza.
Tail (of a Chinaman)
Tail (of an animal) 尾巴 Ee-pah.
Tailor 裁縫 Ts'i-fung.
Take, to Nah.
Take away, to
Take down, to (pictures, etc.


Tea 茶, 茶葉 Ch'ah; (in the leaf) ch'ah-yay.
Teacher 先生 She-enn-shung.
Tea-cup 茶碗 Ch'ah-wahn.
Tea-pot 茶壺 Ch'ah-hoo.
Telescope 千里眼 Ch'e-enlee-yen.
Tell, to 告訴 Kowsoo.
Tender (meat)
That 那個 Nahka.
Then 那個時候 Nahka shirt-hor.
There 那邊, 那兒 Nahpe-enn;nar.
Thermometer 寒暑表 Hahn-shoo peeow.
They 他們 T'ahmun
Thick (of liquids)
Thick (of substances)
Tingcher; ting chunty.
Thin (not fat) Sho.
Thin (not thick, of liquids)


Thin (of substances) Pow or paw.
Thing 東西 Toongshee.
Think, to Sheeang.
Thirsty K'aw.
This 個這 Chayka.
Thunder Lay.
Thursday TODO Lee-pi sir.
Tiger 老虎 Lowhoo.
Time 時候 Shirt-hor.
Tin 馬口鐵 Mahk'o t'eeay.
Tinker TODO Chü-wahnty.
Toast 烤麵包 K'ow me-enpow.
To-day 今兒 今天 Cheer; chint'e-enn.
Together TODO E-k'war.
Tomato 火柿子 Hwaw-shirtdza.
To-morrow 明兒, 明天 Meer; mingt'e-enn.
Tongue 舌頭 Shawt'o.
Too much or too many T'i.
Towel 手巾 Sho-cheen.
Towel-horse 手巾架子 Sho-cheen cheeah-dza.
Tray 盤子 P'ahndza.
Treacle TODO S'ahng-shooey.
Tree 樹, 樹木 Shoo; shoo-moo.
Truth 實話 Shirt-hwah.
Tub TODO Lo; (bath) dzow-p'un.
Tack in, to TODO Yah tee-seeah.
Tumbler TODO Pawly-pay.


Umbrella 雨傘 Yü-sahn.
Under 底下 Tee-seeah.
Underdone 生 不熟 Shung ; poo sho.
Understand, to 懂得 Toongta.
Unpick, to TODO Ch'i-k'i
Unripe 不熟 Poo sho.
Untie a knot, to TODO Cheeay-k'i k'or.
Use, to Yoong.
Useful 有用處 Yo goong-ch'oo.


Vegetable 素菜 Soo-ts'i.
Vegetable-marrow 菜瓜 Ts'i-kwah.
Very SIC Hun.
Vinegar Ts'oo.


Wages 工錢 Koong ch'e-enn.
Wait, to 等, 開飯 Tung; (at table) k'i fahn.
Walk, to TODO Dzo.
Wall Ch'eeany.
Walnut 核桃 Haw-t'ow.

Want, to Yow.
Warm 暖和, TODO Nooahnhaw; (of water, etc.) wunhaw.
Wash, to Shee.
Washerman 洗衣TODO Shee eeshahngty.
Watch, a Peeow.
Water Shooey.
Wear, to 穿, TODO Ch'wahn; (of hats) ti.
We 我們 Wawmun.
Week TODO Lee-pi.
Weigh, to TODO, 稱一稱 Yow-e-yow; ch'ung-e-ch'ung.
Well, a Ching.
Well (in health] How.
West 西 Shee.
What? 甚麼 Shummo?
When? TODO Taw-dzahn?
Where? 那兒 Nar?

|Whip, a || 鞭子 || Pe-endza. |- |White || 白 || Pi. |- |Who? || 誰 || Shooey? |- |Whole || 整 || Chung. |- |Why? || 爲什麼 || Way shummo? |- |Wide || 寬 || K‘wahn. |- |Wind || 風 || Fung. |- |Window || 窓戶 || Ch‘wonghoo. |- |Wine || 酒 || Cheeoo. |- |Wine-glass || 酒杯 || Cheeoo-pay. |- |Winter || 冬天 || Toon t‘e-enn. |- |Wolf || 狼 || Lahng. |- |Woman || 女人 || Nü-ren. |- |Wood || 木頭 || Moot‘o. |- |Work, to || 作活 || Dzaw hwaw. |- |Write, to || 寫 || Seeay. |- |Wrong, you are || 你錯咯 || Nee ts‘aw-la. |- |Wrong (not the right one) || 不對 || Poo tooey. |}


Year Ne-enn.
Yeast 肥,麵肥 Fay; me-enfay.
Yellow Hwong.
Yesterday 昨天 Dzaw t‘e-enn.
You 你,你們 Nee; (plural) neemun.
Young man, a 年輕的 Ne-enn ch‘ingty.
Your 你的,你們的 Neety; (plural) neemunty.