Clouds (Aristophanes)

For works with similar titles, see Cloud and Clouds.
English-language translations of
Νεφέλαι (Clouds)
by Aristophanes

"The Clouds" (Νεφέλαι Nephelai, Latin: Nubes) is a comedy by Aristophanes. It was first produced in 423 BC, but was not as well-received as the author had hoped. It was revised between 420-417 BC and was thereafter circulated in manuscript form. The play remains notorious for its caricature of Socrates, and is mentioned in Plato's Apology as a contributor to the philosopher's trial and execution. Excerpted from The Clouds on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
As with all ancient Greek dramas, the interpretation may vary, given the condition of available manuscripts, the current study of ancient Greek language, and changes in the English language. As a result, varying English translations exist.

English-language translations of Νεφέλαι include:

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