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Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Burlington (New Jersey)

BURLINGTON, a city and port of entry in Burlington co., N. J., on the Delaware river and the Pennsylvania railroad; 18 miles N. E. of Philadelphia. It contains St. Mary's Church, endowed by Queen Anne; St. Mary's Hall, the oldest (Protestant) church school for girls in the country; the State Masonic Home; Van Rensselaer Seminary; Burlington Academy, and many fine old residences; and has manufactories of shoes, stoves, iron pipe, terra cotta, and canned goods. The city was settled in 1677, by Friends, under the name of New Beverly; was for many years the seat of government of West Jersey; and was the residence of the last Colonial Governor, William Franklin. It was bombarded by the British, in 1776, and was incorporated in 1784. Pop. (1910) 8,336; (1920) 9,049.