Daisy Miller: A Study

For other versions of this work, see Daisy Miller (James).
Versions of
Daisy Miller: A Study
by Henry James

First published as "Daisy Miller: A Study" in 1878; title later shortened to "Daisy Miller".

"To know this novel by Henry James in all its forms, from the straight-forward first telling of the story in the Cornhill Magazine in 1878 to its revision in the New York edition of 1909, including the preface to the latter and the reworking of the former as a comedy (printed in the Atlantic Monthly in 1883), is to know the matter and the manner of its author as well as any one book or group of books can indicate the changing style and spirit of an author."—"Daisy Miller", The Encyclopedia Americana (1920).

Versions of Daisy Miller: A Study include:

For James' reworking of this story into a play, see Daisy Miller: A Comedy.