The Uniform Tales of Henry James

The Uniform Tales of Henry James (1915–1920, 1924)
by Henry James

The Uniform Tales of Henry James was the last multi-volume collection of Henry James' fiction published in James' lifetime. It comprises a number of James' longer short stories and novellas, and a shorter novel, each bound and sold separately. James authorized the publication on the condition that the text strictly follow that of the "New York Edition", with the exception of the short story "Glasses", which did not appear in the "New York Edition", and was revised by James for the Uniform Tales.

English editionEdit

The English edition was published by Martin Secker over six years from 1915 to 1920:

First American issueEdit

An American issue of seven titles was issued by Le Roy Phillips in 1917 and 1918, and sold at 75 cents:

Second American issueEdit

A second American issue of two titles were printed for issue by Albert & Charles Boni in 1924: