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Detainee Testimony

a. The detainee is associated with the Taliban and al Qaeda:

I am not part of the Taliban or al Qaida. I am just a student looking to study and I have no involvement with fighting or combatant or al Qaida or Taliban.

1. Detainee is a citizen of Bahrain who admitted he traveled thru Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, and then to Afghanistan in 2001 to study with a mentor who is a known operative and member of the explosives team of al Qaeda.

First of all, travel to these countries is allowed by my country. We can travel to these countries. Abu Adwalid is a popular name. How do you know that this is my mentor, it could be someone else. It is possible there there is a mistake on the name. I never saw him do any explosive activities or be with al Qaida. I went to Afghanistan because I was following the news and had the urge to go there and visit, just like any other country. My intention originally was to stay one month but when I met my mentor, I decided to stay longer to study religion.

2. Detainee arrived in Kabul in June 2001, he then decided to stay indefinitely with his mentor in a house used by foreign fighters.

No it was a student house for students of all types. My intention was to stay there for 5 months and then leave.

3. Detainee's mentor was seen escorting soldiers to the front and promoting morale.

Abu Adwalid is a popular name, so it may be a case of mistaken identity. I haven't seen him do any of these things personally. Besides, what does that have to do with me.

4. Detainee admits that in 2001 he gave $5000 (USD) to a man in the Taliban Embassy in Pakistan.

Yes I gave it to the gentleman for him to bring it to the charity for orphans mainly and the poor. Just to take the money there, it wasn't for him. I heard on the news the bad condition of the poor and needy, that's why I wanted to help and give them money.

5. Detainee was captured by Pakistan armed forces in the village of Cheman (next to the Pakistan Afghanistan border) while on his way to Quetta Pakistan.

This is true. I had my legal papers. Everything was in order and I had my passport with me. My presence in Pakistan was legal. I was captured for no reason. I was just walking in the street when they captured me for no reason.