Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/A'ddua

A'DDUA (b 'ASoiJas: Adda), a liver of Gallia Cissipina, one of the largest of the tributaries which bring down the waters of the Alps to the Po. It rises in the Rhaetian Alps near jBormio, and flows through the VaUeUine, into the Lacus Larius or Logo di Como, from which it again issues at its south- eastern extremity near Lecco, and from tiienoe has a coui^ of above 50 miles to the Po, which it joins between Placentia and Cremona. During this latter part of its course it seems to have formed the limit between the Insubres and the Cenomani. It is a broad and rapd stream: the clearness of its blue waters, re- sulting from their passage through a deep lake, is alluded to by Claudian (Be VL Cons, Hon, 196). Strabo erroneously places its sources in Mt. Adula, where, according to him, the Rhine also rises: it is probable that he was imperfectly acquainted tiith this part of the Alps, and supposed the stream which descends from the Splugen to the head of the lake of Como to be the original Addua, instead of the much larger river which enters it from the Vat- tellme. (Strab. iv. pp. 192,204; v. p. 213; PUn. iii. 16. 8.20; Pol.ii. 32, xxxiv. 10; TacJ^u^u. 40.)[ E. H. B. ]