Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Adane

ADANE (A«<£w», Philostorg. H, E. iii. 4), called ATHANA by Plmy (vi. 28. s. 32), and ARABIA FELIX ('A^k cv8at/i«v), in the Periplus of Arrian (p^ 14), now Aden^ the chief seaport in the country of Homeiitae on the S. coast of Arabia. It became at a very early period the great mart for the trade between Egypt, Arabia, and India; and although destroyed by the Romans, probably by Aelius Gallus in his expedition against Arabia, iu the reign of Augustus, it speedily revived, and has ever since remained a place of note. It has revived conspicuously within the last few years, having feUen into the possession of the English, and become one of the stations for the steamers which navigate theRedSAu