Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Asama

ASAMA (Άσάμα), a river of Mauretania Tingitana, falling into the Atlantic, in 32° N. lat. (Ptol. iv. 1. § 3), 30' S. of Port Rhusibis, and 20' N. of the river Diour. All along this coast, the positions may be safely determined by Ptolemy's latitudes (his longitudes are greatly out); consequently Asama is Wadi-Tensift, the river which, in its upper course, flows past Marocco: Portus Rhusibis is Saffee, and the river Diour is Wad-al-Gored, which falls into the ocean by Mogador. (Comp. Rennell, Geog. of Herod, vol. ii. p. 16.) Pliny, who calls it Asana, places it, on the authority of native report, 150 M.P. from Sala (Sallee: it is nearly 200 in a direct line), and adds the description, "marino haustu sed portu spectabile" (v. 1. s. 1). It is thought by some to be the same as the river Anatis, which Pliny mentions a little before, on the authority of Polybius, as 205 M. P. from Lixus; but the distances do not agree. Some also identify it with the Anidus (Άνιδος) or, according to the emendation of Salmasius, Adonis of Scylax (p. 52, or p. 123, ed. Gronov.); but that river is mach further N., between Lixus and the Straits. [ P. S. ]