Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Asbystae

ASBYSTAE (A<re^(rroi, Herod, iv. 170, 171 ; Lycophr. Alex. 895; 'A<rivrat, Ptol. iv. 4. § 10), a Libyan tribe, in the inland parts of Cyrenaica, S. of Gyrene, and W. of the Giligaimnae; distinguished above the other Libyan tribes for their skill in the use of four-horsed chariots. (Herod. L c.) Diony- sius Periegetes (211) names them next to the Na- samones, inland (/iccr^ircipoi). Pliny also places them next to the Nasamones, but apparently to the W. of them (v. 5). Ptolemy's position for them, E. of the monntuns overhanging the Gardens of the Hesperides, agrees well enough with that of Hero- dotus. Stephanns Byzantinus mentions a city of Libya, nameid Asbysta ('A(r§Arra, Eth. *A<r€^<rrris)f and quotes the following line from Gallimachus: —

oTt; tc Tptrvpos i^* daa-iy *AjT€v<rTao : -—

where the mention of the Triton is not at all inconsistent with the position of the Asbystae, as determined by the other writers ; for the Triton is frequently placed near the Gardens of the Hesperides, on the W. coast of Cyrenaica. [Triton.] [ P. S. ]