Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Athenaeum

ATHENAEUM ('A«i|nu»). 1. A fortress in the S. of Arcadia, and in the leiritoiy of U^a- lopolis, is descriliel by Plntarcfa as a podtion in advance of Ibe Lac«daemoDian frontier ^/tiSoKii Tqi AjuatriKJii), and near Bektnina, It was foitilied by Cleomema in b.c, 224, and was frequently tnken and retaken in the ware between the Achaean League and tbe Spartana. Leake supposes tint it occupied the summit of Uonnl Tambani, on which Ibere are aonw renuuns of an Hellenic fortress. Id that cue it nnist have been a difTercnt place from Ihe Atboueum mentioned by Pausanias on Ihe rood from Ue^ulopolis to Aaea, and 20 stadia from the latter. (Pint. Clioia. 4; Pol. ii. 46, 54, iv. 37, 60, Bl ; Pans, viij, 44. §§ 3, 3; Leake, PeJoponnenaca, p. 248.) 2. A fortress in Albamania in Epeirtia, described hy Liiy aa " fiiuboii Macedoniae eutgectum," and apparrntly near Gomphi. Leake placca it on a height, a little above tbe deserted village of Apdno Porta, or Porta Pamaglila.(Liv.iivm. I, aia.iii Leake, KarOeni Crwee, vol iv. pp. 813, 585.) ■/"