Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Athenopolis

ATHENO'POLIS, a city on the coast of Gallia Narbonensis, dependent on Massilia. (Mela, ii. 5 ; Plin. iii. 4.) Stephanus (s. v. Αθήνοπ) mentions an Athenae of the Ligystii, which may be the place. There are no measures for determining the position of Athenopolis. D'Anville observes, that Pliny and Mela seem to place the Massaliot settlement south of Forum Julii (Fréjus); and yet in his map he fixes it north of Fréjus, at a place called Agay. Walckenser, at a guess, places it at St. Tropez, which is on a bay nearly due south of Fréjus. The Athenaeopolitae of Varro (L. L. viii. 35) are as- sumed to be the inhabitants of this place.[ G. L. ]