Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography/Atta Vicus

ATTA VICUS (Άττα κώμη), a town in the country of the Aetaeei, on the west of the Persian Gulf, and south of Gerrha (Ptol. vi. 7. § 15), which probably gave its name to the Attene regio of Pliny (vi. 28. s. 32), which he places on the Gerraicus Sinus, now the Gulf of Bahrein. The Attene regio has been identified with the peninsula of Bahran, which forms the eastern side of this gulf, and the Atta vicus with the modern Khalt, a town north of Katura (the Katara of Ptolemy), on the eastern coast of this peninsula. (Forster, Geog. of Arabia, vol. ii. pp. 221, 223.) [ G. W. ]