Dictionary of Indian Biography/Caird, Sir James

CAIRD, SIR JAMES (1816–1892)

One of the greatest authorities of his time on all agricultural subjects : son of James Caird, born June, 1816 : educated at Edinburgh High School and University : farmed for 20 years : engaged in the Free Trade controversy : reported on Ireland in 1850, and for the Times on agricultural depression : was M.P. for Dartmouth and the Stirling Burghs : 1857–65 : toured in America, and served on various Commissions : F.R.S., C.B. and K.C.B. in 1882 : visited India for six months in 1878–9, as a Member of Sir R. Strachey's Indian Famine Commission : published an account of his experiences, first in the Nineteenth Century, and afterwards in a volume, India, the Land and the People : was afterwards a Member of other Commissions on land questions : LL.D. of Edinburgh : on the Board of Agriculture in 1889, and Privy Councillor : died Feb. 9, 1892.