EMail Exchange Drafting Rules for the CMCR

Draft rules for the CMCR email exchange, June 6th 2007  (2007) 
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Subject: FWD: Draft Rules of Procedure, Court of Military Commissions Review


Attachments: Rules_for_Court_of+Military_Comission_Review(_2d_draft).DOC

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From: Sultivan, Dwight, COL, DoD OCC
Sent: Wed, June 06 2007 11:16 am
Subject: FW: Draft Rules off rocedwe, Court of Military Commissions Review
From: Foreman, Leroy Mr DoD OGC
Sent: Wednesday, June 06,2007 11 :22:28 AM
To: Davis, Morris, COL, DoD OGC; Sullivan, Dwight, COt, DoD OGC
Subject: Draft Rules of Procedure, Court of Military Commissions Review

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Attached for your information are draft rules of prwEadura for the Court of Military Commissions Review. They are substantially the same as the rules adopted by the Military Commission Review Panel, but they have been conformed to the Military Commissions Act, the Manual for Military Commissions, and the DaD Regulation for Military Commissions.

The revised rules have not yet been approved and adopted. However, I am providing you the draft rules so that you may use them as guidance in the event any pleadings are filed with the Court as a result of decisions in Hamdan and Khadr.

The address for the Clerk of Court, referred to in Rule 5, is listed below.

LeRoy F. Foreman<br? Clerk of Court, Court of Military Commissions Review
One Liberty Center
875 N. Randolph St.
Arlington Virgina 22203