Easton's Bible Dictionary (1897)/Face

Face means simply presence, as when it is recorded that Adam and Eve hid themselves from the "face [R.V., 'presence'] of the Lord God" (Gen_3:8; compare Exo_33:14, Exo_33:15, where the same Hebrew word is rendered "presence"). The "light of God's countenance" is his favour (Psa_44:3; Dan_9:17). "Face" signifies also anger, justice, severity (Gen_16:6, Gen_16:8; Exo_2:15; Psa_68:1; Rev_6:16). To "provoke God to his face" (Isa_65:3) is to sin against him openly.

The Jews prayed with their faces toward the temple and Jerusalem (1Ki_8:38, 1Ki_8:44, 1Ki_8:48; Dan_6:10). To "see God's face" is to have access to him and to enjoy his favour (Psa_17:15; Psa_27:8). This is the privilege of holy angels (Mat_18:10; Luk_1:19). The "face of Jesus Christ" (2Co_4:6) is the office and person of Christ, the revealer of the glory of God (Joh_1:14, Joh_1:18).