Elemoont/Chapter 1

tells who was the Elemoont, from where he came and how began his unusual adventures.

Dear children, you, of course, already form a pretty good idea. Yes, yes, just so - the Elemoont is an elephant that falls down from the Moon. Otherwise where does he come from? One day he went out of doors, sat down on the edge of a crater, and fell into a light sleep. And he didn’t notice how he fell down to the Earth.

There was very much thunder here! Wild beasts got together around him, birds gathered, and even various fishes leaned out of water. "Who are you?" they asked, "And why do you make noise?"

However, it is impossible do not make noise if you fell down from the Moon! Our elephant got up, shook himself, and said, "I'm the elephant... elephant. I have just fallen down from the Moon".

"Then you are an Elemoont but not an elephant," said they to him, "We mean you are an elephant but you also are an Elemoont that fell down from the Moon. How many elephants are there on the Moon?"

“Multitudes," was the reply.

The beasts, birds, and fishes looked at the sky with fear and went away to make their own business. That is to say somebody went away, somebody flew or swam away, and somebody even crawled away. And The Elemoont was left alone.