Elemoont/Chapter 2

in which the Hunter think that all the Elemoonts have to expose to all kinds of danger, but the Elemoont reads his thoughts and flows him away from the Earth to the Moon.

The Elemoont was left alone but he was not alone! A hunter lurked in the dense bush. He heard all, and now pondered, "If it's an Elemoont, may I hunt it? You know I did not fall from the Moon! On the other hand, it has fallen from the Moon, and it has to exposure to all kinds of earthly dangers. It should be chased! Differently, what it fell down from the Moon for? And what will it tell its grandchildren?" And the Hunter loaded his gun.

"You'll exposure to danger yourself now," thought the Elemoont who was a telepathist and can easily read thoughts at a great distance. He stretched his trunk in that direction from which the Hunter's thoughts came and… The Hunter was blown off by a hurricane. He flew quickly, quickly, holding his gun tight, and considering another thought now, "What a beast!" Soon he fell with a flop, making clouds of lunar dust. "What, lunar?" cried the Hunter. Yes, namely, lunar! The Elemoont blew so hard, that the Hunter flew up to the Moon.