Elemoont/Chapter 3

in which the Hunter announces he is the Hunter-for-Elephants and the Moon’s Elephants are angry with him.

"To the Moon!" exclaimed the Hunter, "It's impossible!" He stood up, shook himself, loudly sneezed, and looked around. Good gracious! Huge lunar elephants stood around and attentively examined the Hunter.

"It's very interesting," said at last the elephants, "Who are you, and why do you fill the space with dust?"

But you have to raise dust if you fell on the Moon! "I'm the hunter," said the Hunter and thought, "It's desirable to intimidate them, otherwise they will trample me down!" And he added, "The Hunter–for–Elephants!"

"Well," said the elephants and thought, «It’s desirable to give a good lesson to that boaster," but they said aloud, «Welcome to the Moon!" And the oldest elephant that was like a gigantic silver mountain said, "If you are the Hunter - for - Elephants, you'll, probably, meet with joy the Elephants–for–Hunters. We have several such elephants. Ask them here!" Immediately another elephant that was a little smaller put his trunk into his mouth and deafeningly whistled. A rumble was heard, and the lunar ground shook under the Hunter's feet. A cloud of dust heaved in sight over distant craters. "Run away!" cried the very little elephant and the elephants scattered in all directions. The Hunter was left alone.