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Unit 1


Comprehensive Reading

The People Crisis

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no "energy crisis." The earth's resources are abundant. There is a problem only when man's demands exceed nature's limits. When the birth rate exceeds the mortality rate, scarcity of resources inevitably results. Man now faces a "people crisis."

Korea is already overcrowded. There are presently more than 300 people for every square kilometer of land in Korea. Take a look around you. Buses are packed and the streets are crowded. However, population growth continues rapidly. One Korean baby is born every 41 seconds, while there is only one death every four minutes. In one hour, 90 Koreans are born.

Usually war, famine, and disease limit the growth rate. The achievements of modern medicine, however, upset this balance of nature. According to one scientist, "The future is in our hands. Plan for it!" Fortunately there is a solution to the problems of overpopulation. As the Korean New Community Movement says, "Don't have a baby this year."