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Unit 1

Chapter 1

'be' verb, Present Tense (p. 428)

Korea is already overcrowded.

The earth's resources are abundant.

Simple Present Tense (p. 438)

Man now faces a "people crisis."

  1. Dialogue

    A: What time is it?
    B: It's…. Oh no!
    A: What's the matter?
    B: This crazy watch never works.
    A: Really?

    B: Yes. And it's brand new.
  2. Exchanges A: Is he an American?
    B: No, he's a Canadian. A: Whose English text is this?
    B: It's Mr. Kim's, but go ahead and use it. A: Australia's a prosperous country, isn't it?
    B: Yes, and the population is small. A: Doesn't he live in Inchon?
    B: No. He works in Inchon, but he lives in Seoul.
  3. Quotations You are what you eat.
    - N.O. Brown, Love's Body

    An educated woman ceases to be the slave of man and nature. Education is, in the fullest sense of the word, emancipation.

    - Population Explosion
  1. Activity: Let's get acquainted!

    What's your name?
    Where do you teach?
    Where is your hometown?
    How many children do you have?
    Are you married?
    What does Mr. Kim do?
    Where's he from?