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Adverbs (p. 464)

Korea is already overcrowded.
Fortunately, there is a solution.
Population growth (continues rapidly.

Frequency Words (p. 466)

never/ seldom/occasionally /often/usually/always

The Connective When (p. 470)

When I have time, I usually play pingpong.

  1. Exchanges

    A: How often does he speak English?
    B: Only when he meets an American.

    A: Do you ever play tennis?
    B: Sure, when it's not too hot.

    A: Ms. Park isn't here yet, is she?
    B: No, this is strange. She's always on time.

    A: Isn't he here yet?

    B: He's usually late when it rains.
  2. Quotations The accumulation of knowledge is the source of all wealth.
    - Population Explosion

    Austerity is elegance.

    - Ahn Pil Jae
  3. Activity
A. Name something that you often do on Sundays.
  1. Activity
    1. Practice the following exchange with the cues listed below.

      ex. letters in English

      A: Do you ever (write letters in English)?

      B: Yes, I (often) do.
      1. coffee without sugar
      2. classical music
      3. to school by taxi
      4. tea without cream

      1. to the beach in the winter
      2. raw fish
      3. to school on time
      4. visual aids in the classroom

  2. Riddle

    I am very unhappy lately. I live in a river but my home is not clean or comfortable. Lately my eyes burn and I am short of breath. Most of my friends are dead now. People seldom catch and eat us any more.

    What am I?

    What's the problem?