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Unit 1

Chapter 3

Commands (p. 454)
Take a look around you.

Direct Quotations
"The future is in our hands," the scientist says.

  1. Some common classroom commands:

    Open your books.
    Be quiet.
    Stand up.
    Sit down.
    Come to the blackboard.
    Sit up straight.

    Attention. Bow.
    Pay attention.
    Open the door/window/your books.
    Close the door/window/your books.
    Put your books in your desk.
    Look at page _____.

    • Practice giving these commands politely with "please" or with proper intonation and stress.
    • Exchanges

    A: She's upset about something.
    B: Just leave her alone.

    A: Brush off your coat.
    B: Is something on it?
    A: Yes. I think it's chalk dust.

    A: Please sit up straight.

    B: I'm sorry. I'm tired.
  2. Proverbs Practice what you preach.
    Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
    Speak softly but carry a big stick.
    Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  1. Reading

    The Japanese have a big problem. The air in their cities is often heavily polluted. It is increasingly difficult to find a breath of fresh air anywhere in Japan.

    When residents of Tokyo want some clean air, they sometimes look for special oxygen machines along the sidewalks. A sign on the machine says, "Fresh Country Air. Please deposit 100 yen." The Tokyoite deposits .'his money, places a mask-over his face, and breathes deeply.

    This situation is unusual. However, pollution-free environments are disappearing rapidly. Says a well-known scientist, "Dirty air is the number one health hazard in our cities today."
  2. Writing With the cues given below, making sentences that include a command and a direct quotation.

    ex. policeman/stop/car

    "Stop the car," says the policeman.
    1. teacher/study/hard
    2. mother/cry/don't
    3. teacher/look/books
    4. host/here/sit
    5. taxi driver/100 won/give
    6. doctor/every two hours/take
    7. principal/come/7:00/school
    8. policeman/I.D. card/show
    9. Mr. Kim/look/monkey
    10. child/candy/give
    11. Miss Lee/where/going
    12. customer/how much/cost