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Unit 1

Chapter 4

Time and Place (p. 464)
He always eats lunch at noon in that restaurant.

The Connective however' (p. 483)
The achievements of modern medicine, however, upset the balance of nature.

He likes his work. However, the pay is not good.

  1. Riddle

    Usually I am round. My face is pale, but sometimes it glows at night. When I'm all wound up, I work night and day. I also have two busy hands. People depend on me a lot. However, they're always staring at me. I don't talk, but I'm certainly not silent. I'm a traveller and usually a trustworthy companion. In fact, I'm probably with you right now.

    What am I?
  2. Exchanges A: What does your brother do?
    B: He works at a bank.
    A: Does he work late?
    B: He gets off at six. A: He's not in the office very often, is he?
    B: No, but he's always there on pay day.
  3. Writing
    1. Using "however," expand the sentences below.

      ex. Mr. Lee is often late.

      1. However, he is a fine teacher.
      2. Mr. Park, however, is never late.
  1. Writing (continued)
    1. Mr. Park saves his money.
    2. America is prosperous.
    3. The earth's resources are abundant.
    4. Cigarettes are hazardous to our health.
    5. Ms. Cho enjoys her work.
    6. Myong Suk is a poor student.
    1. Divide the class into two groups and compose riddles of your own.
  2. Dialogue

    A: Pardon me, is this the bus to Chonju?
    B: No, that bus left at two.
    A: When does the next bus leave? I'm in a hurry.
    B: Not until four.

    A: Well, I'd better take a cab.
  3. Activity: Guided conversation
    1. When and where does the special express from Seoul arrive?
    2. When and where do you usually meet your friends?
    3. Where do you buy bus tickets?
    4. When do you quit work each day?
    5. Where do you eat lunch?