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Unit 1

Chapter 5

'because' and 'since' (p. 472)

He doesn't eat kimchi because it's hot.
Since he doesn't eat kimchi, he is always hungry.

The expletive 'there' (p. 426)

There's a book on the desk.

  1. Quotation

    Some fish and seaweed off the coast of Pusan is unfit to eat because it contains excessive amounts of mercury.

    - The Korea Times, 1974
  2. Exchanges

    A: Is there a phone here?
    B: Yes, it's in the other room.

    A: Why not drink some beer with me tonight?
    B: Because I have school tomorrow.
    A: That's no excuse.

    A: Since you speak English so well, what does this word mean?

    B: I don't know. Look it up.
  3. Dialogue A: There's a beer hall around here, isn't there?
    B: Yes. There it is across the street.
    A: How about a couple of quick ones?
    B: But what'll our vice-principal say?
    A: Don't worry about him. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  1. Review Reading

    There are usually two points of view to any problem. While most people agree that a healthy, clean environment is important, they disagree on the means to this end. After all, pollution control is often bad for business. It cuts profits.

    One short-sighted scientist, Dr. Herman Kahn, says, "We must continually develop our industry. When we are all rich, then worry about the environment." On the other hand, Buckminster Fuller, another scientist, says, "Our earth is a spaceship. air and water supplies are limited. We must plan for our children and grandchildren."

    A Chinese proverb asks, "How long can 10 worms eat one apple?"

    There is only one sane rule of business, "Provide for the future."
  2. Activity The Review Reading states that "there are usually two points of view to any problem." Using "because" or "since", give two points of view regarding the following problems:
    1. pollution control
    2. birth control
    3. higher teachers' salaries
    4. corporal punishment
    5. adoption