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Unit 2


Comprehensive Reading

A Typical Day In Sam's Life

Sam usually gets up at 7:00. This morning San's alarm clock rang at seven o'clock and he got up at once. Sam seldom does physical exercises, but this morning he got out of bed and did physical exercises for ten minutes. Then he was ready for a quick cold shower. After he took his shower, he plugged in his electric razor and shaved. Then he plugged in his electric toothbrush and brushed his Teeth. Next, he washed his face, combed his hair, and put on after-shave lotion. After that, Sam picked out his suit, shirt, and tie. He got dressed and then ate breakfast. For breakfast he had orange juice, scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee. After breakfast, he smoked a cigarette and listened to the news on the radio. At 8:00 A.M. , he put on his coat and left for school.

Sam went to school by subway. The subway was crowded and he didn't get a seat. In the subway, on his way to school, he looked at the signs on the walls of the car, watched the faces of the other passengers, and read the newspaper headlines over someone's shoulder. It took him about half an hour to get to school. Sam's first class began at nine o'clock and his last class ended at three. After school, he went to a coffee house with his friends for an hour or so. Afterwards, he went home. As soon as he got home from school, he sat down and prepared his lessons for the next day. At seven o'clock he ate dinner with his brother. Sam often eats dinner with his brother.

Occasionally Sam watches television for an hour or two but he always studies first. Sometimes he takes a walk in the evening, or visits a friend. When he goes out on a date, he usually gets home before midnight, because by twelve o'clock he is generally tired. He takes off his clothes, gets into bed, and falls asleep immediately. He sleeps until the alarm goes off again the next morning.