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Unit 3

Chapter 3

Past Continuous (p. 445)

What language were they speaking?
He was carrying a back pack.

While (p. 470)

While he is busy, I am home alone.
While I was studying, Mr. Kim came.

  1. Exchanges

    A: They were speaking English, weren't they?
    B: At first they were, but now they are speaking French.

    A: What were you doing while I was talking?
    B: I was taking notes.

    A: Were you going to the movies, too?

    B: I was, but now I'm going shopping.
  2. Riddle
    A man was lying on the desert. He was dead. He was carrying a back pack, and on his finger there was a small ring. There was food and water in the pack, and no footprints or tracks were visible. No one killed the man. How did he die? What was his profession? Sam and Charlie were lying on the floor of a room, while Tom was sitting on a chair. Sam and Charlie were both dead. Bits of glass and small pools of water were on the floor. Tom was smiling broadly, obviously very pleased and happy. How come?
  3. Writing
    1. Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the verb.
      1. When they _____ (call), we _____ (listen) to the radio
      2. He _____ (like, negative) her looks because she _____ (use, negative) much make-up.
      3. Mary _____ (cough) while the doctor _____ (look) in her mouth.
      4. The train _____ (leave) the station while I _____ (buy) the tickets.
      5. He _____ (sing) a song while he was _____ (take) a shower.
  1. Writing (continued)
    1. Connect the pairs of sentences using "while".
      1. It rained heavily. I drove to work.
      2. I did the homework. I watched television.
      3. The boss arrived. She typed the letter.
      4. He came downstairs. I had breakfast.
      5. The student slept. The teacher lectured.
    2. Do part B again, but this time use only the first sentence and make up the second part yourself.
    3. Observe different people in your class. Write about their actions in the past continuous using "while".
      ex. While Mr. Lee was writing, Mr. Kim was speaking.
  2. Song

    "I've Been Working on the Railroad"

    I've been working on the railroad
    All the live-long day,
    I've been working on the railroad
    Just to pass the time away,
    Don't you hear the whistle blowing?
    Rise up so early in the morn,
    Don't you hear the captain shouting
    "O Dinah, blow your horn!"