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Unit 4

Chapter 1

Expressions of Future Time (p. 448)

I will meet you at the Pung Rim Tearoom. (emphatic)
I am going to meet Mr. Han today. (unemphatic)
I will have to get there early.
I was going to, but I didn't, (action planned, but not completed. )

Requests (p. 448)

Will you do this for me?
Won't you come with me?

I. Activity

A. Substitute one word from the Comprehensive Reading for the underlined word or words below.

  1. Our greatest wealth is our forests.
  2. For a Peace Corps Volunteer, he speaks Korean comparatively well.
  3. He puts his life in danger everytime he tries to cross the highway.
  4. Do you have an answer to the problem?
  5. Rat control is a matter of community concern.
  6. That shouldn't be a major worry.
  7. We should give freely to the Korean National Tuberculosis Association.
  8. Responsible members of a nation work for the common good.
  9. Vitamins reduce the chance of disease.
  10. Safety First is a safe-guard against accidents.

B. Discover and underline the uses of "will" in the Comprehensive Reading. Take the sentence and expand it with "because".

ex. "General poor health and specific diseases will cost Korea billions of dollars this year because many people will not be able to work."

C. Discuss what the above exercise tells you about "will".

Clue: Does "will" suggest fact or opinion?

II. Reading

A. Mr. Park Kuk Jo is going on a trip soon. A doctor is going to give him a shot.
"Will it hurt?" Mr. Park asks.
"No, don't worry. It won't hurt at all. You won't even feel it," the doctor is saying.

  1. What is the doctor going to do?
  2. What exactly is Mr. Park's question?
  3. What is the exact answer?
  4. Ask the questions with "will". Give short answers.
    1. hurt very much
    2. be very pleasant
    3. Mr. Park feel it

III. Dialogue

Mr. Lee: Why isn't it done? Who was going to do it?
Mrs. Kim: I thought your brother was going to do it.
Mr. Lee: Didn't you say you were going to do it?
Mrs. Kim: Me? No, I didn't.
Mr. Lee: Well, who's going to do it?
Mrs. Kim: We'll all do it.

Answer the following questions about the Dialogue:

1. What is Mr. Lee talking about in the first line?
2. Whom did Mrs. Kim think was responsible?
3. Whom did Mr. Lee think was responsible?
4. Who was going to be responsible?
5. Who will be responsible?

IV. Writing

Construct a situation for the above Dialogue. Write 2 or 3 sentences (as in II, A) inventing a reference for "it" in the dialogue. Discuss whether your situations will work; then ask and answer the questions again, giving specific answers.

V. Activity

Use the following commands to make a polite request, using "won't".

1. Bring two or three friends.
2. Try one of these.
3. Stay a few minutes.
4. Drop me a line.
5. Have a bite to eat.
6. Sit over here.

7. Step into the principal's office.
8. Pick a number.
9. Stop in for a drink.
10. Take this money.
11. Wait a minute.
12. Come home with me.