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Unit 4

Chapter 2

Uses of Would (p. 449)

  1. I would like to go to California. (desire)
  2. I would rather have a cup of tea. (preference)
  3. He said he would go. (indirect speech)
  4. When I lived on Cheju, I would often go to the beach (repeated action in the past)
  5. Would you please be quiet? (requests)
  6. I would have come sooner, but I missed the bus. (action planned but not completed.)
  7. I would help you if I could. (see Unit 6) (conditional)

Idiom - "used to"

Long ago, when tigers used to smoke pipes....

I. Activity

Identify which use of "would" (2,4 or etc.) is used in the Comprehensive Reading.

II. Exchanges

A: I don't feel well.
B: Would you like to rest awhile?
A: I think I will.

A: Can I help you?
B: No, thank you. I would rather do it.

A: My tooth still hurts.
B: What did the dentist say?
A: He said the pain would stop soon.

A: You're not drinking anymore these days?
B: No, I've quit. When I used to drink, I would get dizzy.

A: What's the matter? You don't look well.
B: I feel faint. Would you open a window?

A: Didn't your father come last week?
B: He would have, but he was ill.

III. Activity

A. Do Reading II, B., question 2,3,4 of Chapter 1 again, but this time use indirect speech.

ex. Mrs. Kim: We'll all do it.
She said we would all do it.

B. Change commands of Unit 1, Chapter 3 and/or Unit 4, Chapter 1, Activity V, to polite requests, using "Would you...?" or "Would you please. . .?"

C. Follow the cue word and pattern in creating dialogues.

ex. "go" A: (Where) would you like to (go)?
B: I'd like to go to (Thailand).
A: Would you like to go to (Japan)?
B: No, I'd rather go to Thailand.

1. drink
2. study
3. live
4. meet

5. see
6. go home
7. read
8. sit

9. talk about
10. listen to
11. begin studying
12. be like

D. "Health is not valued till sickness comes."
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Poor personal health is often the result of carelessness.
We would rather excuse ourselves than learn good habits.
Practice your excuses here, using the pattern.

ex. Didn't you take your medicine?
I would have, but it tasted terrible.

1. Didn't you see a doctor?
2. Didn't you get a TB X-ray?
3. Didn't you wash your dishes with soap?
4. Didn't you watch your step?
5. Didn't you get a cholera shot?
6. Didn't you take your vitamins?
7. Didn't you get a vaccination?
8. Didn't you stay home when you were sick?
9. Wasn't your kitchen clean?
10. Weren't you careful about germs?

IV. Writing

A. Complete the following sentences using "would", writing only the second half of the sentence on a separate sheet of paper.

B. Close your books and exchange papers.

C. Write your own first half of the sentence, using "When... used to."

ex. When I used to live in Chon-ju, ... (I would eat Pibinpab.)
(When I used to get hungry)... I would eat Pibinpab.
  1. When I used to feel lonely...
  2. When she used to be a teacher...
  3. When there used to be many different middle school English texts...
  4. When my grandfather used to tell jokes...
  5. When Lee Hae Sun used to study English...
  6. When you used to be children...
  7. When an American used to come to our school...
  8. When I used to be younger...
  9. When we used to have time...
  10. When the prices used to be lower...
  11. When he used to come here often...
  12. When we used to be poorer...

V. Activity

Go back to the Comprehensive Reading and decide which statements are statements of opinion and which are statements of fact.

Show where opinions are supported by another opinion or a fact.