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Unit 6

Chapter 1


He bought himself a book. (indirect object)
He cut himself. (direct object)
We ourselves can't travel. (emphasis)
I travel by myself.(Idiomatic=alone)

I. Exchanges

A: Can I help you?
B: No, thanks. I'll do it myself.

A: Did you make this yourself?
B: Sure. It was easy.
A: Nice job.

A: Didn't you help him?
B: No, he did it all by himself .

II. Song

I'll face the unknown,
I'll build a world of my own.
No one knows better than I myself,
I'm by myself, alone.

- American Popular Song (1950s)

III. Writing

Fill in the blanks with the correct reflexive forms.

Thor Heyerdahl taught _______ how to sail. He and his friends versed _______ in the techniques of navagation. He _______ was not a sailor but he was able to learn. You _______ can do many things too.

IV. Writing

Write a response using the cue word and the correct form of the reflexive.

  1. Why is Mr. Kim's finger bleeding? (cut)
  2. Why is the baby crying? (hurt)
  3. Why is he working alone? (do)
  4. Why is she sitting alone? (wants to be)
  5. Did you make this? (made)