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Unit 7

Chapter 3

Qualifiers of Adjectives (p. 457)

He is too sick to leave the hospital.
He is so sick that he can't leave the hospital.
He is such a sick man that he can't leave the hospital.
He is well enough to leave the hospital.

I. Exchanges

A: How was the movie?
B: It was so good that I want to see it again.

A: Should we buy used books or old ones?
B: Used books are good enough.

A: Did you buy new shoes?
B: Yes, but they're so small that I can't wear them.

A: It was such a boring lecture that I fell asleep.
B: Didn't the teacher use visual aids?
A: No, I wish he had.

II. Reading

Park, Jae Min used to be a bus driver but he is not any more. He drove so badly that he had three accidents in one month. In the last accident he ran into a police car. He lost his job after that.

III. Quotation

We have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves in order to exist in this new environment.

- Norbert Wiener, The Human Use of Human Beings

V. Activity

A. Write the following vocabulary items from the Comprehensive Reading in the proper blanks in the sentences below.




  1. The audience was too __________ to enjoy the concert.
  2. __________ is an important part of anyone's life.
  3. He was thinking so hard that he was not __________ of the noise.
  4. The explanation was clear enough to __________ the meaning.
  5. It was such a __________ class that all students enjoyed it.
  6. The music was so loud that no one could __________ it.
  7. If he had thought about his __________ with others, he could have been successful.
  8. The weather is too difficult to __________.

B. List five things that:

  1. are fascinating
  2. are not easy to predict
  3. are so hard to ignore that you become uncomfortable
  4. are such important factors in forming relationships that they can't be ignored