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Unit 7

Chapter 4

Complements* (pp. 476-478)

They wanted us to go.
The teacher persuaded the children to help her.
He admitted taking the money.
He enjoyed hearing the story.
I heard him opening the door.
I helped him open the box.

*The important element in this construction is the main verb. Check the reference above for other verbs that work in this construction.

I. Exchanges

A: Why did she make him wait?
B: Because she wanted him to help her.

A: Didn't you do it yourself?
B: No, I asked someone else to do it.

A: Are you going out tonight or not?
B: I can't. Someone wants me to do sonething,

A: Neither you nor I want to grade these papers.
B: Right. Let's get a student to do it.

A: You haven't seen Mr. Shin, have you?
B: Yeah. I saw him going to the theater.

II. Writing

After practicing and discussing the sentences in the Comprehensive Reading that are similar to the ones in the box above, complete the following:

A. Make sentences out of the following sets of words:

ex. my wife/at home more often
My wife wants me to stay at home more often.

  1. the vice-principal/extra work
  2. my students/interesting lessons
  3. my children/to the movies
  4. my students' parents/less homework
  5. an old friend/in a tearoom

B. If you were a student in class, write three that things you would enjoy doing, avoid doing, and hate doing. As a result of these ideas, write three things that you would expect the teacher to do, tell the teacher to do, and force the teacher to do.

III. Quotation

[Students expect teachers to discover the] meaning of living: the exchange of time for experience.

- Caleb Gattegno, What We Owe Children

IV. Reading

Fred is marching. He is not really ill but he wants the sergeant to think he is.

"Let me sit here for a minute, sergeant. I feel terrible!" he says.

Unfortunately the sergeant does not believe him. He is going to make him march with the others.