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Epigram may refer to:


  • "Epigram", by "S——" (If e'er you go to Hindostan)

By Michael Joseph Barry:

  • "Epigram" ("God save the Queen"—long live De Grey!)
  • "Epigram" (When Brougham, in his early days)

By Anne Lynch Botta:

  • "Epigram" (A draught from Helicon could once inspire)

By George Gordon Byron:

  • "Epigram" (If for silver, or for gold)
  • "Epigram" (In digging up your bones, Tom Paine)
  • "Epigram" (It seems that the Braziers propose soon to pass)
  • "Epigram" (The world is a bundle of hay)

By Samuel Taylor Coleridge:

  • "Epigram" (Sir, I admit your general rule)

By Charles James Dunphie:

  • "Epigram" (Strange things of Orpheus poets tell)
  • "Epigram" (What discord dire has Isaac spread!)

By Charles Gavan Duffy:

  • "Epigram" (Sterne mourns an ass, as though 'twere true)
  • "Epigram" (Newell's new patent washing ball)
  • "Epigram" (Your casuists and clerics hold it isn't fair at all)

By Henry Fielding:

  • "An Epigram" (When Jove with fair Alcmena lay)
  • "An Epigram" (That Kate weds a fool what wonder can be)

By James Clarence Mangan:

  • "Epigram" ("Well, Pat, my boy," said I, "I've had some chat")
  • "Epigram" ("Go forth," exclaimed Imperial Fum, "and see")
  • "Epigram" (What! talk of crusading through England "on foot")
  • "Epigram" (When I see Peel and Co.'s plans thus give birth)

By Alexander Pope

  • "Epigram" (A Bishop by his neighbours hated)

By Francis Quarles

  • "Epigram" (My soul, sit thou a patient looker-on)

By Jonathan Swift

  • "An Epigram" (Dic, heris agro at, an da quar to fine ale)
  • "Epigram" (As Thomas was cudgell'd one day by his wife)
  • "Epigram" (Behold! a proof of Irish sense)
  • "Epigram" (Great folks are of a finer mould)

By Władysław Tarnowski:

  • "Epigram" (Death avoids those who have lost everything)

By William Watson:

  • "Epigram" (Life plucks thee back as by the golden hair)

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