Executive Order 1333

The executive order dated Nov. 25, 1908, establishing limits of punishment for enlisted men of the Army, under act of Congress approved Sept. 27, 1890, which order was published in G. O. 204, W. D., Dec. 15, 1908, and amended by the executive order dated March 3, 1910, published in G. O. 42, W. D., March 15, 1910, is further amended by adding thereto a maximum limit for the offense of loaning money at usurious rates of interests as follows:

Offenses. Limits of punishment.
Under 62d Article of War.
Loaning money either as principal or agent at usurious rates of interest to others in the military service.
Forfeiture of one month's pay; for non-commissioned officer, reduction and forfeiture of one month's pay.
Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House, April 14, 1911.


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