Executive Order 1451

Hereafter paragraphs (a) and (b) of section 1 of Civil Rule VII shall apply to the appointment of rural carriers, and three eligibles shall be certified by the Civil Service Commission.

In all cases selection shall be made with sole reference to merit and fitness and without regard to political considerations. No inquiry shall be made as to the political or religious opinions or affiliations of any eligible, and no recommendation in any way based thereon shall be received, considered, or filed by any officer concerned in making selections or appointments. Any such recommendations in writing forwarded to any such officer shall be at once returned to the writer with attention invited to the purport of this order, and attention hereto shall be similarly directed in connection with any verbal recommendation. Where it is found that there has been a violation of these provisions by any officer concerned in making selections or appointments, such fact shall be cause for the immediate removal of such officer from the service, and the commission shall make prompt report of any such case for appropriate action to the Postmaster General, or, as to presidential appointees, to the President. The appointment of the rural carrier concerned, if effected, shall be canceled.

Persons employed as rural carriers, while retaining the right to vote as they please, and to express their opinions privately on all political subjects, shall take no active part in political management or in political campaigns. Any rural carrier taking such part shall be removed from the service or otherwise disciplined, recommendation as to the penalty to be imposed in each case to be made by the Civil Service Commission.

Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House,

December 30, 1911.

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