Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists/Supplement

Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists (1692) translated by Roger L'Estrange
A Supplement of Fables
3939586Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists — A Supplement of FablesRoger L'Estrange






Phædrus. Avienus, Camerarius, Neveletus, Apththonius, Gabrias, Babrias, Abstemius, Alciatus, Boccalini, Baudoin, De la Fontaine, Æfope en Belle Humeur, Meslier, &c.

Chapters (not listed in original)
Fable CCCLXXXIV: A Lamb, a Wolf and a Goat 356
Fable CCCXCI: Mice, Cat and a Bell 364
Fable CCCXCII: Usurers and Curriers 365
Fable CCCXCVI: An Ass and a Lion 370
Fable CCCXCVII: An Ape and a Mountebank 371
Fable CCCXCVIII: Boys and Frogs 372
Fable CCCCI: A Cobler Turn'd Doctor 375
Fable CCCCII: A Cobler and a Financier 376
Fable CCCCIII: The Eagle, Cat and Sow 378
Fable CCCCIV: The Frogs and the Bulls 379
Fable CCCCV: The Frogs and the Sun 380
Fable CCCCVI: The Fox Condemn'd 381
Fable CCCCVIII: Two Laden-Asses 384
Fable CCCCIX: A Black-Bird afraid of a Kyte 385
Fable CCCCX: A Fox and Wolf 385
Fable CCCCXI: Two Travellers find an Oyster 386
Fable CCCCXV: An Ape Judge betwixt a Fox and a Wolf 391
Fable CCCCXVI: An Ape and a Lion in his Kingdom 392
Fable CCCCXVII: Two Laden Asses 393
Fable CCCCXVIII: A Boar Challenges an Ass 394
Fable CCCCXIX: A Cuckow and Littie Birds 395
Fable CCCCXX: Hungry Dogs, and a Raw-hide 396
Fable CCCCXXI: An Ass and a Shadow 396
Fable CCCCXXII: A Country-Fellow and a River 397
Fable CCCCXXV: The Moon Begs a New Gown 400
Fable CCCCXXVI: A Young Fellow about to Marry 401
Fable CCCCXXX: A Lion and a Man 406
Fable CCCCXXXI: A Hare and a Sparrow 407
Fable CCCCXXXIII: Joy and Sorrow are near A-kin 410
Fable CCCCXXXIV: The Owl and the Sun 411
Fable CCCCXXXIX: A Cock and Horses 416
Fable CCCCXL: A Gard’ner and a Mole 416
Fable CCCCXLI: A Man and a Weazle 417
Fable CCCCXLII: A Woman, Cat and Mice 417
Fable CCCCXLVII: Demetrius and Menander 423
Fable CCCCXLVIII: A Consultation about Securing a Token 424
Fable CCCCL: A Bull and a Gnat 426
Fable CCCCLV: Hercules and Pluto 432
Fable CCCCLVI: A Man that would never Hear Ill News 433
Fable CCCCLXXIII: A Brother and a Sister 447
Fable CCCCC: A Miller and a Rat 479