Fables of Æsop and Other Eminent Mythologists/The Life of Æsop





Chapters (not listed in original)
Chapter I: Of Æsop’s Countrey, Condition, and Person. 1
Chapter II: Æsop and his Fellow-slaves Upon their Journey to Ephesus. 2
Chapter III: The Sale of Æsop to Xanthus. 3
Chapter IV: Xanthus Presents Æsop to his Wife. 4
Chapter V: Æsop’s Answer to a Gard’ner. 5
Chapter VI: Æsop’s Invetion to bring his Mistress back to her Husband, after she had Left him. 7
Chapter VII: An Entertainment of Neates Tongues. 8
Chapter VIII: A Second Treat of Tongues. 9
Chapter IX: Æsop bring his Master a Guest That had no sort of Curiosity in him. 10
Chapter X: Æsop’s Answer to a Magistrate. 12
Chapter XI: Xanthus undertakes to Drink the Sea dry. 13
Chapter XII: Æsop Baffles the Superstition of Augury. 15
Chapter XIII: Æsop finds hidden Treasure. 15
Chapter XIV: Æsop Expounds upon an Augury, and is made Free. 17
Chapter XV: Æsop Presents himselfe before the King of Lydia. 21
Chapter XVI: Æsop Adopts Ennus. Ennus’s Ingratitude and Falseness, and Æsop’s Good Nature. 22
Chapter XVII: Æsop’s Letters of Morality to his Son Ennus. 24
Chapter XVIII: Æsop’s Voyage to Delphos; his Barbarous Usage There, and his Death. 26