Folk-Lore (1902)
Volume 13
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The Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society

And incorporating The Archælogical Review and
The Folk-Lore Journal.

VOL. XIII.—1902.

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V. (3


I.—(March, 1902.)
Minutes of Meetings: Wednesday, November 6th, 1901
Minutes of Meetings: Wednesday, December 5th, 1901
Minutes of Meetings: Wednesday, January 22nd, 1902
Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the Council 5
Presidential Address. E. W. Brabrook . 12
More Folklore from the Hebrides. A. Goodrich-Freer 29
Unlucky Children. H. A. Rose . . . . 63

II.—(June, 1902.)

Minutes of Meetings: Wednesday, February 26th, 1902
Minutes of Meetings: Wednesday, March, 26th, 1902
The Letter of Toledo. M. Gaster 115
Malay Spiritualism. Walter Skeat 134

III.—(September, 1902.)

Minutes of Meetings : Wednesday, April 23rd, 1902 225
Minutes of Meetings : Wednesday, May 28th, 1902 226
The Lifting of the Bride. W. Crooke .
Balochi Folklore. M. Longworth-Dames 252

IV.—(December, 1902.)

Minutes of Meetings Friday, June 20th, 1902 . 337
Minutes of Meetings Wednesday, July 16th, 1902 339
Minutes of Meetings Saturday, October 25th, 1902 339
The Modern Commercial Aspect of an Ancient Superstition E. Lovett ...... 340
The Origin of Totem Names and Beliefs. A. Lang 347
Discussion of the Above. A. C. Haddon, G. L. Gomme, R. R. Marett ...... 393
Australian Marriage Systems. A. Lang . 398


Boer Folk-Medicine and some Parallels, I. Alice B. Gomme 69

The Sister's Son in Samoa. A. C. Stanley 75

Rice Harvest, and other Customs in Ceylon. R. J. Drummond 77

Puli Rája, or the Tiger Prince. M. N. Venkatasvámí and W. Crooke 79

"Long Ju-ju." 166

Folklore Notes from St. Briavel's. Margaret Eyre 170

Harvest Customs. Alice B. Gomme, E. H. Binney, and Clara J. Jewitt 177

Boer Folk-Medicine and some Parallels, II. Alice B. Gomme and E. Peacock 181

Goblins. A. Lang, Elizabeth Taylor, and William Martin 183

Some Notes from North-Western India. W. Crooke 186

Scottish Charm against Witchcraft. Fred. R. Coles . 275

Burial Custom in Japan. J. C. Hartland and E. S. Hartland 276

Rice Harvest in Ceylon, II. R. J. Drummond 277

Unlucky and Lucky Children and some Birth-Superstitions. A. J. Rose 279

An Indian Ghost Story. W. Crooke 280

Myths Current in the Sahara Desert. W. J. Harding-King . 284

Stray Notes on Oxfordshire Folklore. Percy Manning 288

Some Native Legends from Central Australia. M. E. B. Howitt 403

Folklore in the Kennet Valley. L. Salmon 418

Holiday Gleanings. I. Cornwall, Margaret Hall. II. Shropshire, F. A. Milne 429

How to Annul "Blood-Brotherhood." Charlotte S. Burne 430


History, Tradition, and Historic Myth. Alfred Nutt 84

Lame Gods. Louise Kennedy 88

Fire-walking in Southern India. A. C. Haddon 89

Tree Worship. A. Lang 90

Jingle Sung at Castleton. Mabel Peacock and Frank Kidson 91

A Written Charm. A. C. Bell 92

The Vessel Cup. E. Lovett and E. W. Clarke 94

Yew Wood. N. W. Thomas 96

The Sources of some Ballads in the "Border Minstrelsy." A. Lang 191

Unlucky Children, H. A. Rose .... 197

The Sister's Son in Samoa. W. H. R. Rivers . -199

Yew. H. A. Rose ...... 201

Charm Against the Evil Eye. Charlotte S. Burne . . 202

The "Calenig," or "Gift." Mabel Peacock . . . 202

London Folk-Etymology. F. A. Milne and A. B. Gomme . 203

The Mumming-Play and other Vestiges of Folk-Drama in the British Isles. T. Fairman Ordish .... 296

The Collection of Folklore. Sidney O Addy, Charlotte S. Burne, W. Crooke, Walter Skeat, C. G. Seligmann, and John Roscoe ...... 297

Garland Day at Castleton: Addenda. S. O. Addy . 313

Eggs in Witchcraft. E. Peacock . . . 431

Butterfly Charm. S. O. Addy ..... 432


Frederic Seebohm's Tribal Customs in Anglo-Saxon Law. G. Laurence Gomme . , . . 97

Alfred C. Haddon's Head-Hunters, Black, White, and Brown. W. Crooke ... .... 101

Gustaaf A. v. d. B. van Eysinga's Indische Invloeden op Oude Christelijke Verhalen. E. Sidney Hartland . .104

W. Wells Bladen's Notes on the Folklore of North Staffordshire. E. Sidney Hartland ..... 106

Isaac T. Headland's Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes. Alice B. Gomme ....... 108

Robert Petsch's Formelhafte Schlüsse i?n Volks-Märchen. N. W. Thomas . . . . . .110

R. Thurneysen's Sagen aus dem alten Irland. Alfred Nutt . 110

Joseph Hall's King Horn. Alfred Nutt . . .111

M. Schwarzfeld's Cilibi Moise, Practica si apropourile lui. M. Gaster . . . . . . .111

Ernest Crawley's The Mystic Rose. E. Sidney Hartland . 205

Ch. Letourneau's La Psychologic Ethnique. R. R. Marett . 209

Carl Horstman's Nova Legenda Anglie. E. W. Brabrook . 212

T. K. Cheyne and J. Sutherland Black's Encyclopœdia Biblica, vol. III.; and A. Keane's The Gold of Ophir, Whence brought and by Whom. W. Crooke. . . . .218

G. Dottin's Contes et Legendes d'Irlande, Traduits du Gaélique. Alfred Nutt ...... 220

Karl Amersbach's Licht- und Nebelgeister. E. Sidney Hartland . . . . . . .221

Jessie L. Weston's Morien, Rendered into English Prose, and Edith Rickert's Marie de France, Some of her Lays done into English. W. W. Greg 222

John R. Clark Hall's Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburg. Albany F. Major 223

Winifred Faraday's The Edda, I. The Divine Mythology of the North. Albany F. Major 223

Émile Durkheim's L'Année Sociologique, 1900-1901. E. Sidney Hartland 314

W. G. Wood-Martin's Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland, Eleanor Hull 323

Whitley Stokes's Notes on the Togail Bruidne Dá Derga. Eleanor Hull 327

Ivor B. John's The Mabinogion. Eleanor Hull 330

Alfred Nutt's Cuchulainn, the Irish Achilles. Eleanor Hull 332

Lady Gregory's Cuchulainn of Muirthenme. Alfred Nutt 333

Seumas MacManus's Donegal Fairy Stories 335

Fernand Nicolaÿ's Histoire des Croyances, Mœurs, Usages, et Coutumes (selon le Plan du Décalogue). R. R. Marett 336

T. F. Henderson's Sir Walter Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. Charlotte S. Burne 336

W. H. Furness's The Home-Life of Borneo Head-Hunters its Festivals and Folklore. E. Sidney Hartland 436

General Augustus Pitt-Rivers's Antique Works of Art from Benin. Margaret Eyre 439

J. F. Hewitt's History and Chronology of the Myth-Making Period 441

L. B. Paton's The Early History of Syria and Palestine; and A. Duffs The Theology and Ethics of the Hebrews. A. H. Sayce 442

M. A. Potter's Sohrab and Rustem. W. Crooke 445

Jessie L. Weston's Sir Cleges, Sir Libeaus Desconus. W. W. Greg 447

Alexander Pulling's The Sin of Witchcraft 448

Index 449

Rules and List of Members.

Index of Archæological Papers Published, 1900.

List of Plates:—

I. Charm found at High Fernley Farm To face page 93

II. Plan of the Long Ju-ju of the Aros To face page 169

III. Cottage with "Bogle "Charm, Nairnshire, N.B. To face page 275

IV. Specimens of "Trade" Charms To face page 338


Page 169, line 11 from bottom, for numher read number.
Page 174 n, for Albrigthon read Albrighton.
Page 192 n, for ** read *[*.