Folk-Lore/Volume 14

Folk-Lore  (1903) 
Volume 14




The Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society

And incorporating The Arch^ological Review and The Folk-Lore Journal

VOL. XIV.— 1903.



DAVID NUTT, 55—57. LONG ACRE. 1903.





Collectanea : —
Fetish-Worship in Central Africa. Alexander Hetherwick 61
Transmigration Belief in East Anglia. P. J. Heather 63
Stray Notes on Oxfordshire Folklore, III. and IV. Percy Manning ...... 65
The Festival of Uphelly A,' or the End of Yule. Editor 74
Extracts from Signor V. Busutil's Holiday Customs in Malta H. W. Underdown and Margaret Eyre . 77
The Dog in Folk-Medicine. Percy Manning 85
Stray Notes on Oxfordshire Folklore, V. Percy Manning 167
Blessing the Geese. Charles J. Tabor 177
History and Tradition. Kate Lee 178
Death and the Herb Thyme. S. O. Addy 179
Some Chinese Folklore. A. R. Wright 290
Charms, &c., figured on Plate IX. R. C. Maclagan . 298
Highland Fisher-folk and their Superstitions. Morag Cameron . 300
Fishermen in the Faroe Islands. Elizabeth Taylor , 306
The Story of Indra Bangsawan. A. S. Cumming 386
Witchcraft in Northern India. W. Crooke and K. N. Knox 407
Stray Notes on Oxfordshire Folklore, VI. Percy Manning 410

Correspondence : —
Folklore from the Hebrides : A Disclaimer. Allan MacDONALD ..... 87
The Fijian Fire-Walk. A. Lang 87
Fifth-of-November Customs. Mabel Peacock and C. S Burne ..... 89
Mid-lent Bonfire in Venice, 1819. C. J. Tabor 92
Harvest Bonfires in the East Riding. J. Nicholson 92
St. Mark's Eve (April 24th). Mabel Peacock 94
Land Rising Supernaturally. Mabel Peacock 181
Butterfly Charm. N. W. Thomas 182
Crescent Charms (Plate II.) A. C. Haddon . 182
Oxfordshire Folklore. W. Henry Jewitt 183
Fifth-of-November Customs. W. Henry Jewitt, C C. Bell and Mabel Peacock 185
An Episcopal Life-index. Mabel Peacock . 188
Le Combat du Pére ct du Fils. H. Gaidoz 307
Fetish-Worship in Central Africa. Alexander Hetherwick 309
Omamenlal Patterns and Reincarnation. A. van Gennep 312

Basutoland, its Legends and Customs. Minnie Cartwright (née Martin) . . . . . .415
Totemism in New Caledonia. N. W. Thomas . .418
The Vessel-Cup. Charlotte S. Burne . . . 419
Jus Primes Noctis. M. Peacock . . . -419

Reviews : —
R. C. Maclagan's The Evil Eye in the Wester?i Highlaiids ; John Gregorson Campbell's Witchcraft and Second Sight in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland; and A, Goodrich-Freer's Outer Isles. John Abercromby . . -95
H. A. Rose's Popular Religio7i in the Punjab. W. Crooke . 100
Nathan Soderblom's la Vie Ftdure d'apres le Mazdcisme a la lumiere des Croyances paralleles datis les autres Religions. Alfred Nutt ...... 104
Lord Avebury's The Origin of Civilization. A. C H addon . 106
A. Nutt'sZa,3^ Charlotte Guesfs Mabinogion. Margaret Eyre 107
y[.2igxm%ls.z.c:Q'2in?, The Literature of the Celts. F. York Powell 108
Ch. Roessler's Les Iifiuefices Celtiques avant et apres Columbati. F. York Powell . . . . . .109
Clara L. Thomson's Tales from the Faery Queen . .110
Winifred Faraday's The Edda : The Heroic Mythology of the North. A. F. Major . . . . .111
W. Crooke's Folktales from the I?idus Valley. Margaret Eyre . . . . . . . .111
A. N. Wesselofsky's Zur Frage iiber die Hei7)iath der Legende vom Heiligen Gral, and W. Staerk's Ueber den Ur sprung der Grallegefide. Alfred Nutt . . . .189
Anton Kippenberg's Die Sage vom Herzog von Luxemburg. F. York Powell . . . . . .196
A. Jeremias's Im Kampfe um Babel und Bibel. Alfred Nutt. 197
James Mew's Traditional Aspects of Hell. E. W. Brabrook . 200
F. Starr's Physical Characters of the Indians of Southern Mexico., and Notes upon the Ethnography of Southern Mexico W. Crooke ....... 202
Minnie Martin's Basutoland, its Legends and Customs. E. Sidney Hartland ..... 204
M. C. Morris's Voivel Sounds of East Yorkshire Folk Speech :
B. Kirby's Lakeland Words ; Nathan Hogg's Letters and Poems ; F. E. Taylor's JVtt and Wisdom of the South Lancashire Dialect ; and F. Edward Hulme's Proverb Lore . 207

Jessie L. Weston's The Three Days' Tournament. W. P. Ker 313
Alfred Nutt's The Legends of the Holy Grail. W. P. Ker . 315
T. K Cheyne and J. Sutherland Black's Ejicyclopmdia Bihlica, Vol. IV. W. Crooke . . . . -315
Yi.<Z.Yzx'iz.^€% Delhi Past a}id Prese7it. W. Crooke . 317
Adolf Strack's Hessische Blatter fiir Volkskuftde, Vol. I. N. W. Thomas . . • . . • 31S
Elie Reclus's Les Primitifs. E. S. Hartland. . .320
S. Chalkley Gould's Early Defensive Earthworks ; F. Elrington Ball's History of the County of London ; and Eliz. Gallup's Bi-literal Cypher of Erancis Bacon. L. Margaret Eyre . 320
Andrew Lang's Social Origins, and J. J. Atkinson's Primal Latv. Emile Durkheim . . . . .421
Emile Y>!lx€'?> D Antiee Sociologique, 1901-1902. E.Sidney Hartland ....... 426
P. J. Hamilton Grierson's The Silent Trade. A. C. Haddon . 435
Lucy A. Paton's Studies in the Fairy Mythology of Arthurian Romance. Jessie L. Weston and Alfred Nutt . -437
Emmeline H. Dewar's Chinamwanga Stories, and Florence M. Cronise and Henry W. Ward's Cunnie Rabbit, Mr. Spider, a?id the Other Beef. A. Werner .... 444
G. F. Abbott's Macedonian Eolklore. W. H. D. Rouse . 446
E. V. Anitchkoff's Vernal Ceremonial Songs in the West and amo7ig the Slavonians. W. F. Kirby . . . 448

Obituaries : —
Charles Godfrey Leland. F. York Powell . . .162
Gaston Paris. Alfred Nutt . . . . .164
Index ........ 449
Rules and List of Members.
Index of Arch^ological Papers Published, 1901.

List of Plates : —
I. Fetish Doll, Achewa Tribe, Central Angoniland. To face page 61
II. Crescent Charms in the Collection of Mr. E. Lovett. 65

III. Rood-screen in Charlton-on-Otmoor Church, with May Garland, 1846. 170
IV. Whitsun Ale in Blenheim Park, 1826 175
V. The Well-house at Headington Wick Farm 183
VI. The Arms of Sicily .... 212
VII. Terra-cotta from Taranto, and Pompeian Door-handles .... 217
VIII. Chinese Charms .... 292
IX. Witch-stones, Amulet, and Fairy Arrows, from the Scottish Highlands 298
X. Tribal Mark, Roebuck Bay 327
XI. Tribal Mark .... 329
XII. Tribal Mark, Lagrange Bay 333
XIII. Tribal Mark, Gordon Bay 351
XIV. Natives of West Australia (Roebuck Bay, 1899) .... 354
XV. West Australian Objects in the Collection of Mr. C. J. Tabor 365