The Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society

And Incorporating The Archæological Review and
The Folk-Lore Journal

VOL. XXV.—1914

Alter et Idem








I.—(March, 1914.)
Minutes of Meetings: November 19th and December 17th, 1913, and January 21st, 1914 1
The Thirty-Sixth Annual Meeting: November 19th, 1913 3
The Thirty-Sixth Annual Report of the Council 5
Cash Account for 1913 10
Presidential Address: Folklore and Psychology. R. R. Marett 12
The Influence of Environment upon the Religious Ideas and Practices of the Aborigines of Northern Asia. M. A. Czaplicka 34
The Holi: a Vernal Festival of the Hindus. W. Crooke 55
II.—(July, 1914.)
Minutes of Meetings: March 18th and April 22nd, 1914 145
“Hook-swinging” in India. J. H. Powell 147
Bringing in the Fly.” Percy Manning 198
III.—(September, 1914.)
Minutes of Meetings: May 20th and June 17th, 1914 281
Souling, Clementing, and Catterning”: C. S. Burne 285
On the Origin of the Egyptian Zar. Brenda Z. Seligmann 300
Folk-Tales from Western Ireland. L. M‘Manus 324
IV.—(December, 1914.)
Minutes of Meetings: November 18th and December 16th, 1914 409
The Chevauchée de St. Michel. E. F. Carey 411
On the Evidential Value of the Historical Traditions of the Baganda and Bushongo. E. Sidney Hartland 428
Some Notes on East African Folklore. A. Werner 457
“The Keener” in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. R. C Maclagan 84
Some White Ruthenian Folk-Songs, I. H. Iwanowska and H. Onslow 91
Waterford Folk-Tales, I. P. Ussher 109
Notes on Spanish Amulets (Third Series). W. L. Hildburgh 206
Some White Ruthenian Folk-Songs, II. H. Iwanowska and H. Onslow 212
Waterford Folk-Tales, II. P. Ussher 227
Jersey Folklore Notes. John Le Bas 242
Quebec Folklore Notes, IV. E. H. and H. J. Rose 251
Stray Notes on the Folklore of Aberdeenshire and the North-East of Scotland. D. Rorie 342
Folklore Notes from Piedmont, III. Estella Canziani 363
Folklore from Newmarket, Cambridgeshire. Ronald Burn 363
Folklore from Kent. P. J. Heather 366
Wine over a Coffin 368
Sussex Folklore. Mrs. Hardy 368
Worcestershire Folklore. T. E. Lones 370
West Indian Folklore. Mary F. A. Trench 370
Folklore of London Dressmakers. E. M. L. 371
The Devil’s Rocks, near Downton Castle, Ludlow, Shropshire E. M. Leather 372
The Saliva Superstition. “Aeron 372
The Nightingale an Ill-omened Bird. E. F. Bennion 372
An Omen from Dress. T. E. Lones 372
Bubbling Wells in Somerset. J. B. Partridge 373
Epiphany and Easter Observances in Westmoreland. J. B. Partridge 373
Folklore from Essex. J. B. Partridge 373
Gloucestershire Legends. F. S. Potter 374
Folklore from Yorkshire (North Riding). J. B. Partridge 375
County Clare Folk-Tales and Myths. Thos. J. Westropp 377
Harvest Rites in Ireland 379
Iron a Sacred Metal. W. Crooke 380
Notes on Folk Beliefs: Touching Wood. W. H. F. Basevi 380
A Key for a Coffin. Mabel Peacock 381
The Headless Horseman. Sir G. A. Grierson 382
Superstition regarding Chimney-Sweeps. D. C. Haverfield 382
Folk-Tales of the Angāmi Nāgas of Assam. J. H. Hutton 476
Meeting of the Folklore Society at Oxford. F. A. Milne 122
Modern Greek Folk-Tales and Ancient Greek Mythology: Odysseus and Saint Elias. W. R. Halliday 122
Rust’haveli’s Georgian Epic, The Man in the Panther’s Skin. H. Krebs 126
Working Evil by a Duck’s Foot. Amy Montague 126
The Proposed “Frazer Fund.” R. R. Marett 253
Beads and Knots. M. Gaster 254
The Folk-Lore of Irish Plants and Animals. W. Crooke 258
The Romance of Melusine, and Absence of Men during Child-bed. D. Rorie 383
The Wild Huntsman and Yule-Tide. Mabel Peacock 385
Nursery Rhymes. H. J. Rose 386
The Death Coach. Mabel Peacock 388
The Siwa in East Africa. R. R. Marett 499
Festskrift Tillegnad Edvard Westermarck. H. J. Rose 127
Laographia. H. J. Rose 130
Von Géza Róheim. Drachen und Drachenkämpfer. H. J. Rose 132
Greek Popular Songs on St. George and the Dragon. H. J. Rose 132
G. Pascu. Despre Cimilituri. M. Gaster 134
R. Sutherland Rattray. Hausa Folk Lore: Customs, Proverbs etc. E. Sidney Hartland 137
A. J. N. Tremearne. Hausa Superstitions and Customs. J. H. Weeks 140
Jeremiah Curtin. Myths of the Modocs. H. J. Rose 142
Gertrude Schoepperle. Tristan and Isolt. Eleanor Hull 260
Myrrha Lot-Borodine. Le Roman Idyllique au Moyen Age. J. L. Weston 262
Albrecht Dieterich. Mutter Erde. W. R. Halliday 263
Agnes Arber. Herbals, their Origin and Evolution. D. H Moutray Read 265
Franz Sohns. Unsere Pflanzen. D. H. Moutray Read 265
E. C. Hargrove. Wanderings in the Isle of Wight. D. H. Moutray Read 267
E. N. Setälä. Kullervo-Hamlet. H. J. Rose 268
J. Jegerlehner. Sagen und Märchen aus dem Oberwallis. W. R. Halliday 271
August von Löwis. Der Held im Deutschen und Russischen Märchen. W. R. Halliday 274
E. Canziani, E. Rohde. Piedmont. A. R. Wright 277
J. E. Field. The Myth of the Pent Cuckoo. S. A. H. Burne 390
E. M. Wright. Rustic Speech and Folklore. C. S. Burne 391
Haughton, H. L. Sport and Folklore in the Himalaya. W. Crooke 393
J. E. E. Craster. Pemba, the Spice Island of Zanzibar 395
J. Main. Religious Chastity. W. R. Halliday 395
J. von Negelein. Der Traumschlüssel des Jagaddeva. W. R. Halliday 398
F. Boll. Die Lebensalter. W. R. Halliday 400
H. Bächtold. Die verlobung im Volks- und Rechtsbrauch. W. R. Halliday 402
N. W. Thomas. Anthropological Report on the Ibo-speaking Peoples of the Awka Neighbourhood. W. Crooke 404
J. G. Frazer. Psyche’s Task: A Discourse concerning the Influence of Superstition on the growth of Institutions. W. Crooke 406
E. Westermarck. Marriage Ceremonies in Morocco: Ceremonies and Beliefs connected with Agriculture. W. Crooke 501
B. Spencer. Native Tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia. E. Sidney Hartland 504
Short Notices:—
28th Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology 144
C. de Danilowicz. L’Art Rustique Français. L’Art Provençal 144
B. Hunt. Folk Tales of Breffny 280
B. Pilsudski. Materials for the Study of the Ainu Language and Folklore 280
E. Clodd. The Childhood of the World 407
D. C. Owen. The Infancy of Religion 407
P. R. T. Gurdon. The Khasis 408
List of Plates:—
I. “Hook-swinging” in India (Photo No.   1) 148
II. ( No.   2) 149
III. (No.   3) 148
IV. (No.   4) 149
V. (Photos Nos. 5 & 6) 152
VI. (Photo No.   7) 153
VII. (No.   8) 154
VIII. (No.   9) 155
IX. (No. 10) 156
X. (No. 11) 157
XI. (No. 12) 158
XII. (No. 13) 159
XIII. (No. 14) 160
XIV. (Photos Nos. 15 & 16) 161
XV. Spanish Amulets 206
XVI. Map illustrating the Distribution of the Customs of Souling, Clementing, and Catterning 284
XVII. Fig. 1. Temporary Shrine of Babinga and N’Gurma 316
XVIII. Fig. 2. Kaltuma possessed 317
XIX. Vale Church and Court House of St. Michel 420
XX. Perron du Roi 421
XXI. The Siwas of Patte and Lamu 500
XXII. The Siwa of Patte 501