Great Leaders and National Issues of 1896

Great Leaders and National Issues of 1896  (1896) 
by various authors

Great Leaders
and National Issues
of 1896

Containing the
lives of the Republican and Democratic
candidates for President and

biographical sketches of the leading men of all parties,

The Story of
famous campaigns of the past,
history of political parties,
lives of our former Presidents,

Together with a full Presentation of
the live questions of the day,

the tariff, gold and silver, Cuba, Armenia, Venezuela,
Monroe Doctrine,

By the Following Noted Authors:
and others.

Over 100 Portraits and Illustrations.

Non-Partisan Bureau of Political Information


Preface Edit

This has been an eventful year both at home and abroad. A Presidential year is always an interesting one, but this time it is unusually so because the issues are more clearly defined and are of more personal importance and interest to every citizen. Every individual, however humble, will be affected either for good or bad by the policy of the Government in regard to Silver and the Tariff. Then the whole world has been stirred by the cruel massacre of the Armenians and the struggle of the Cubans for liberty. Only recently this whole country and Europe were greatly excited by a threatened war with England in reference to Venezuela.

A book which covers all these subjects and which at the same time furnishes biographies of the candidates for President and Vice-President of both the Republican and Democratic parties, and also biographies of the great political leaders all over the country, cannot fail to be unusually interesting to all the citizens of this country.

In the preparation of the book we have had the assistance of several of the great leaders of the different political parties. We believe the careful reader will recognize the earnest effort made to be fair to all parties, and to furnish reliable information.

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