Great Leaders and National Issues of 1896/Contents

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  1. Famous Presidential Campaigns of the Past

    The Origin of the “Caucus”The Election of 1792The First Stormy ElectionThe Constitution AmendedThe Country Divided in PartiesImprovement of the Method of Nominating Presidential CandidatesThe First Presidential ConventionConvention in Baltimore in 1832Exciting ScenesThe Presidential Campaign of 1820“Old Hickory”Andrew Jackson's PopularityJackson Nominated“Old Hickory” DefeatedJackson's TriumphThe “Log-cabin and Hard-cider” Campaign of 1840“Tippecanoe and Tyler Too”Peculiar Feature of the Harrison Campaign“Rough and Ready”Democratic Convention in Baltimore, 1852“Old Fuss and Feathers”A Tragic PeriodThe Democratic Party DividedStephen A. DouglasJohn C. BreckinridgeThe Constitutional UnionistsWoful MisunderstandingsThe Result of the Election of 1860Ulysses S. Grant and Horatio SeymourUnique Campaign of 1872The Most Critical Period in the History of Our CountryCharge of FraudMore TroubleA Way Out of the DangerThe Republican National Convention of 1880, in ChicagoThe Most Peculiar Political Campaign of Later Years“Rum, Romanism and Rebellion”

  2. Questions for the Next Administration to Consider

    The Hawaiian TangleThe Venezuela DisputeThe “Queen of the Antilles”The Armenian MassacresOur Quarrel with ChiliThe Necessity of The “Sick Man”The Tariff QuestionThe “American System”The “Tariff of Abominations”Later TariffsThe Money ProblemA Substitute Must Be Provided“Bimetallism”National Bankruptcy and Divorce LawsThe Temperance Problem“Paternalism in Government”

  3. A Protective Tariff

    By Hon. Thomas B. Reed, Speaker of the House of Representatives

  4. A Tariff for Revenue

    By Hon. Wm. L. Wilson, Author of the “Wilson Bill”

  5. Gold and Silver, and the Problem of Our National Currency

    By Hon. J. K. Upton, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Three Administrations

  6. Hon. John Sherman on the Currency of the Future

    Checks, Clearing Houses and Paper NotesA Safe But Expensive Policy“One-half of Gold and One-half of Silver”

  7. Live Questions of To-Day
  8. Political Giants of the Present Day

    By Edward S. Ellis, A. M., Author of “Standard History of the United States”

  9. Our Former Presidents
  10. The Republican Convention
  11. The Republican Platform

    Allegiance to Protection RenewedReciprocity DemandedMerchant MarineThe Currency PlankJustice to VeteransForeign RelationsSuffering CubaThe NavyForeign ImmigrationCivil ServiceFree BallotLynchingsNational ArbitrationHomesteadsTerritoriesTemperance and Rights of Women

  12. Life and Public Services of William McKinley

    By Hon. John Sherman

  13. Life and Public Services of Garret Augustus Hobart
  14. The Prohibition Convention and Platform
  15. Life of Joshua Levering
  16. Silver Must Be Restored

    By Horace Boies

  17. The Democratic Convention
  18. The Democratic Platform
  19. Life and Public Services of William Jennings Bryan
  20. Life and Public Services of Arthur Sewall
  21. The National Convention of the People's Party
  22. The Platform of the People's Party
  23. Thomas Edward Watson
  24. The Speech That Made Bryan
  25. Indianapolis Democratic Convention, Platform and Candidates