Guide through Carlsbad and its environs/The Tepid and Cold Mineral Springs


1. The Sprudelsäuerling is close to the Sprudel, and has a temperature varying from 19° R. (75° F.) to 24° R. (86° F.); it contains 16 grs, solid constituents in 1 lb. of the water; the constituents are the same as are contained in the warm springs, and vary only with regard to their quantities, i. e., sulphate of soda, 6.62 grains; carbonate of soda, 3.70; muriate of soda, 2.89; carbonate of lime, 1.17; sulphate of potash, 0.66; carbonate of magnesia, 0.14; siliceous earth, 0.15; and free carbonic acid, 8.69. This spring agrees best with persons suffering from chronic catarrhal affections of the chest, and is taken pure, or with the addition of one-third of milk or whey, in the dose of from three to six tumblersful.

2. The Sauerbrunn, at the back of the Dorotheenau, may rather be called a gas-spring than a water-spring, as the influx of water is very small. The temperature varies between 7° and 12° R. (48 and 59° F.); it contains very few mineral constituents, only 2 grains in 1 lb. of the water, principally siliceous earth, and somewhat over 20 cubic inches of carbonic acid gas. The water of this spring forms an agreeable and refreshing beverage during the afternoon in warm weather; it is often used for bathing purposes on account of the quantity of carbonic acid gas it contains (there are four bathing tubs in the building); iron is frequently added to the water for the use of nervous patients suffering from debility and poorness of blood.

3. The Eisenquelle (Chalybeate spring) at the upper part of the Wiesenthal, has a temperature of 8° R. (50° F.); it contains scarcely 2 grains of solid constituents in 1 lb. of the water, and the principal part of these is oxide and biphosphite of iron. It does not contain any carbonic acid gas, and is a pretty strong and pure chalybeate water, used principally for bathing by people suffering from poorness of blood and muscular atrophy. For internal use it is advisable to add about one-third of Giesshübler Sauerbrunn, because if taken pure, it easily causes cardialgic pains.