Helen of Troy and Other Poems/Two Songs for a Child



grandfather's love

THEY said he sent his love to me,
They would n't put it in my hand,
And when I asked them where it was
They said I could n't understand.

I thought they must have hidden it,
I hunted for it all the day,
And when I told them so at night
They smiled and turned their heads away.

They say that love is something kind,
That I can never see or touch.
I wish he'd sent me something else,
I like his cough-drops twice as much.


the kind moon

I think the moon is very kind
To take such trouble just for me.
He came along with me from home
To keep me company.

He went as fast as I could run;
I wonder how he crossed the sky?
I'm sure he has n't legs and feet
Or any wings to fly.

Yet here he is above their roof;
Perhaps he thinks it is n't right
For me to go so far alone,
Tho' mother said I might.