There are a few different mediums which may present the option for transcribing components of a film into text, primarily dialogue, text used to tell the story or setting, and text which appears in scene. This may allow for easier translation into foreign languages and subtitles, improved searchability and wikilinking.


Key (info)
In scene


Spelling at the discretion of the editors.

Refers to spoken word appearing in the media. Pronunciation of dialogue tend towards spelling if it is in the vernacular.

In sceneEdit

Inclusion at the discretion of the editors.

Text which appears during the film as part of the scenery. This can be used to transcribe text which may be helpful in searching for or are integral to the storyline or characters. An example would be in Alice in Wonderland where Alice opens a basket which says "Eat me," or in Daydreams, where the fictional character "Dr. Richard M. Scott's" appears on sign.


Text which is added in as part of the story, which may include silent film's w:intertitles, credits, or locations and dates.

Difference between "Storyline" text and "In scene" textEdit

There may be some overlap, for example, in Porky's Preview, the scene where Porky's cartoon is being shown on a screen in the cartoon. In this case, it could be both, but what is most important is in capturing the text, not in which type the text is. Either are acceptable.


In selecting a portion of time in which to capture a transcribable item one may use:

  1. a moment of time (i.e. [00:12]]) for:
    1. Text appearing as part of the story line.
    2. Text found within the scenery.
  2. a window of time (i.e. [00:15-00:29]) for:
    1. Dialogue
      1. In selecting which portion of dialogue to include within a time frame, it may work to partition by scene. If the scene has a lot of dialogue, it may be better to split it up so there is less to verify per portion.
    2. Scrolling text as either part of the storyline or scenery.


  • {{film}} - used in notes section of header to typically show .ogv and .ogg files at 400px, although size can be modified using size= parameter. Also includes a key for transcription type. Adds into Category:Film

Further modificationsEdit

Currently, when listing a segment of time as opposed to an instant, ie {[smaller|[00:07-00:49]}}, there is a potential overlap of text. In order to avoid this, place

<div style="margin-left:{{{1|2}}}em; margin-right:{{{1|2}}}em;"> 

before listing {{Page}} transclusions. Hopefully this is a temporary solution.


  • Selected time used in index to govern the beginning and end time within its "Page:" by use of {{Temporal Media Fragment}}.
  • <pagelist/> to use time frames specified in index for translcusion into mainspace using {{Page}}.

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