How to start contributing—2024 Wikisource film transcription tutorial


WikiProject Film aims to improve Wikisource's collection of films and their transcriptions.

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These are some general resource works about film.

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Please spend some time proofreading Index:Motion Pictures 1912 to 1939 (IA Motionpict19121939librrich0010).djvu. This is an official US copyright catalog for films between 1912 and 1939 and will be an astronomically useful resource for the WikiProject in the future, for research etc. Goal: Get done by 2025, so that when the entire 1920s is in the PD, we have a good resource for films from that entire decade.

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We direly need to improve the film transcription process, and how films are presented in the mainspace, etc.

  • Allow a type called "Film" on Index pages
  • Allow the "Forward a page" and "Back a page" (< >) arrows to show up in the Page namespace for "pages" of films
  • Fix "Source: _empty_" on all the Index pages
  • Come up with a good method to link to each individual line to the Index page, as is done with books, on the transcluded pages in the mainspace
  • Clearly mark films in the mainspace as films in the header template, somehow, and in Template:New texts, so as not to confuse some readers into thinking it's a book
  • Force webm player in the Page namespace to skip straight to the time listed on the Index page for that line, on individual pages. And/or, automatically extract them as images, upload each to Commons, and somehow display those images on the respective pages when proofreading. Measures like these will make proofreading and validation easier (see this discussion for example).

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